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JetSurF A Jet Surrogate Fuel Model


JetSurF is a detailed chemical reaction model for the combustion of jet-fuel surrogate.  The model is being developed through a multi-university research collaboration and is funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.  Project participants include


F. N. EgolfopoulosHai Wang

University of Southern California

R. K. Hanson, D. F. Davidson, C. T. Bowman, H. Pitsch

Stanford University

C. K. Law

Princeton University

N. P. Cernansky, D. L. Miller      

Drexel University

W. Tsang

National Institute of Standards and Technology

R. P. Lindstedt

Imperial College, London

A. Violi

University of Michigan


New Release:

JetSurF Version 2.0 A working model for the combustion of n-alkane up to n-dodecane, cyclohexane, and mono-alkylated cyclohexane up to n-butyl-cyclohexane
(Release Date: September 19, 2010)



Old Releases:

JetSurF Version 1.1 A interim model for the combustion of
n-butyl-, n-propyl-, ethyl-, and methyl-cyclohexane and cyclohexane

(Release Date: September 15, 2009)


JetSurF Version 1.0 A working model for n-alkane combustion
(Release Date: September 15, 2009)


JetSurF Version 0.2 (Release Date: September 8, 2009)



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