Optics, imaging, and visualization to provide general tools for understanding the physics at atomic scale.

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From fundamental thermoscience to the advanced heating & cooling techniques, with the aim of efficiency and scalability.

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Electro-chemical and thermo-chemical reactions that are fundamental for sustainable energy.

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Re-engineer the electric power systems towards the "smart grids" goal with data science, machine learning, and economic analysis.

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From the News


Our work on High-capacity Thermochemical CO2 Dissociation published!

Posted on Monday, January 9, 2020

Our paper on High-capacity thermochemical CO2 dissociation with iron-poor ferrites gets publised on Energy & Environmental Science. We proposed a two-step thermochemical cycle using a variety of iron-poor (Fe-poor) ferrites that produces CO with unusually high yield using Fe as the redox active species. Shang and Jimmy are the primary student authors and Professor Majumdar is the primary corresponding author. Congratulations!


Best poster award in the CENT Fall Symposium!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Haokun, Ze and Joel received the best poster award in the Fall Symposium of the Center for Enhanced Nanofluidic Transport (CENT). Congratulations!


Our work on Electrochemical Redox Refrigeration published!

Posted by Zhecheng Wang on Monday, September 30, 2019

Our paper on Electrochemical Redox Refrigeration gets publised on Scientific Reports. Ian and Larissa are the student authors and Professor Majumdar is the corresponding author. Congratulations!


Group hiking at Bear Gulch & Meadow trail

Posted by Zhecheng Wang on Thursday, July 4, 2019

We had an excellent hiking at Bear Gulch & Meadow trail at Woodside. The weather was sunny and the whole trip was relaxed. After hiking, we gathered at Arun's home and had a wonderful Pizza lunch!


Our work "DeepSolar" is published on Joule as featured article

Posted by Zhecheng Wang on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Our paper on the DeepSolar project is published by Joule as the featured article with cover. The DeepSolar combined artificial intelligence and satellite imagery to construct a comprehensive solar installation database in the US. Congratulations!


Send-off for Po-Chun Hsu to start a new journey in the academia

Posted by Zhecheng Wang on Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Magic Lab thanks Po-Chun Hsu for his terrific work and great contribution to the group. Dr. Hsu will start his faculty position at the Duke University from January 2019. Best of luck in your future career, Po-Chun!

Energy Investments Discussion with Bill Gates

Global Energy Forum 2018

Professor Majumdar had a insightful dialogue with Bill Gates on energy investments at Global Energy Forum, which is held by the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy. "Cheap renewables won’t stop global warming", says Bill Gates.

Most Important 21st Century Innovation

TED x Stanford

Turn CO2 into oil at a cost of $2/gallon? “A lot of people think this is impossible,” says Majumdar, “but it’s not! Carbon free energy is almost cheap enough to take on this challenge in a meaningful way. And the race is on among scientists and engineers to make this happen!”

Our Lab

The Magic Lab now occupies 2000 square feet of space on two floors of Stanford’s Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory. Our facilities have dedicated areas for wet chemistry, optics, cryogenics, and general electromechanical assembly, in addition to office and conference areas.