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Transfer Matrix Optical Modeling

As part of our effort to make modeling of internal quantum efficiency in organic semiconductor solar cells both accurate and easy, we are making available an easy-to-use Matlab script that calculates absorption and optical electric field intensity in multilayer stacks. Kamil Mielczarek (UT Dallas) was kind enough to port our script over to Python, to allow for a completely free program that will allow anyone to make these calculations.

Both versions are available as zip archives. The Matlab version contains the Matlab script as well as two Microsoft Excel files containing both AM1.5G solar spectrum data and optical constant (n and k) data for various materials. The Python version contains the Python scripts as well as a folder of comma separated variable files that contain the appropriate index of refraction data. These archives can be downloaded here:

Matlab files with documentation (468,308 bytes)
Python files (58,483 bytes)
Documentation only TransferMatrix.pdf (277,187 bytes)
Advanced Materials paper AM2010.pdf (526221 bytes)

GPLv3 Free Use Licensed Software