FRP/FrzB genes and interactions with Wnts

(updated July 2018)

These molecules are secreted forms of frizzleds, containing the cysteine rich domain (CRD) of frizzled, but no transmembrane segments. They may bind to Wnt proteins in solution and thereby change the activity of Wnts. (reviewed by Pej and Grishin 2012).

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 Expression Pattern

See Leimeister, 1998

mutant phenotype

   heart, kidney, lung, brain, aorta, otic vesicle, neural crest increased trabecular bone mineral density, volume and mineral apposition rate

Bodine et al, 2004

growth of retinal ganglion cell axons (Rodriguez, 2005)

anteroposterior axis elongation defects (with SFRP2 mutation) Satoh, 2006

wingless (Rattner, 1997)  gut, eye retina, lung, brain anteroposterior axis elongation defects (with SFRP1 mutation) Satoh, 2006

Regulating Nkx2.2 Expression Lei, 2006

wingless (Rattner, 1997);
XWnt-8 (Wang 1997; Leyns 1997);
Wnt-1 (Leyns 1997)
 cartilage, anterior and posterior mesoderm, limb bud, kidney, testis
  ovary, brain, kidney,lung, endometrium Pyle's disease, bone density. Simsek Kiper 2016
SFRP5    pancreas
Sizzled   ventrolateral mesoderm ogon locus in Zebrafish, ventralized phenotypes similar to the chordino (dino) mutant Yabe et al, 2003

Inhibits tolloid proteases Muraoka 2006, Lee, 2006,

Alignment of Five human or mouse SFRPs

Several other proteins contain a CRD motif similar to the frizzleds (reviewed by Pej and Grishin 2012).

Frizzled FRP CRD image