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Known bugs in beta 1 version
(fixed in beta 2 release)

Linkage model: There was an error in the input function for map distances.  Specifically,  map distances were  imported as  integers 
not real numbers.  

This has now been corrected in beta version 2.

 Structure stops running with error message
"Can't open the file  STRATparams"

The project's absolute path is too long to be handled by Structure
computing  kernel ( e.g. C:\structure_projects\ sample_project\

The simple workaround is using shorter path to build the project (e.g.
C:\sample_project\ )

Structure can not handle the project path
containing space character(s)

If there is a space character in any part of the project path ( e.g.
C:\program files\sample) ,the structure computing kernel will
complain not able to open parameter files.

Structure halts due to "out of memory"

The default memory allocated for Structure is 64 Megabytes, in case the 
 data set is significantly large, this error could be triggered.


Windows: Download this batch program to your structure installation directory( e.g. C:\Program files\Structure2.0\ ), click the batch program
 to start program. In case the error still exists, open the batch file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad) increase the colored number in the following line:

jre\bin\java -Xmx256m -classpath class\structure.jar RunStructure

Linux/Solaris:  Edit the script file structure , add option "-Xmx256m" 
to the following line, increase the colored number if more memory is desired:

jre\bin\java  -classpath class\structure.jar RunStructure 

Please report bugs to structure_help@genetics.uchicago.edu

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