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Installation Instructions


    The Windows file is an executable installation file. Double click on the icon 
     to start the installation. You will be guided through the installation. Run the 
     program by double clicking on the structure icon. 


     On a Unix system, put the file into an appropriate working directory. Then,
     unzip the  file ( gzip -dc <filename> | tar xvf -  ),  where <filename> is the 
     name of the downloaded file.   Run the program by typing  ./structure  in the
     appropriate directory. 

     People on a Unix system can also install the program into a standard directory
     for programs, e.g.,  /usr/local/structure. You then need to set an environment
     variable STRUCTURE_PATH to the structure package installation directory.
     For bash users, the syntax is: 

                       export $STRUCTURE_PATH 

      in the .profile file; for csh/tcsh users put 

                      setenv STRUCTURE PATH "/usr/local/structure''

      in .tcshrc or .cshrc. You can then run the program by typing 


    Package without front end

     The downloaded files are compressed in zip files; uncompress them using 
     "unzip [filename]" on Unix/Linux system or using winzip on  windows. 

     The zip files contain an executable and parameter files, as well as a sample
     data file "testdata1". The program is set up to run on these data immediately
     (just type "./structure" to start the program). 


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