10th IWSHM 2015 - Awards

Best Paper Award IWSHM Awards

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The SHM Best Paper Award is presented to one or more individuals whose paper(s) are selected to have the highest quality and innovation from the Proceedings of the 2015 IWSHM. The Award, evaluation criteria, Award Committee composition, nomination and selection procedures are described below.

I. Eligibility

All the papers submitted and accepted for the 10th IWSHM are eligible for this Award.

II. Nomination Criteria

All the authors are considered candidates for this Award. Originality and technical excellence are the two main criteria for selection.

III. Award Committee

The Award Committee is formed by all the Session Chairmen for this Workshop. They may propose among the articles from the sessions of their specialty, one or two papers which may be candidates for the Award, justifying their proposal.
The Award Committee Chairman is Prof. Güemes, from Madrid University, Spain. His primary responsibility is to make sure the committee functions and, based on the votes from the Award Committee members, to rank the candidates.

IV. Selection Procedure

Originality and technical excellence are considered as the main criteria for nomination. Session chairmen will rank the papers; later a subcommittee will review these proposals and will prepare a definitive selection.

V. Award Presentation

During the Workshop, a plaque accompanied by a check will be presented by the Chairman of the Award Committee.
The Chairman of the Award Committee and the Chairman of the Workshop are in charge of organizing the Award presentation ceremony.

VI. Chairman of the Award Committee

Prof. J.G.Güemes
University of Madrid, Spain
E-mail: aguemes@aero.upm.es