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November 2013
August 2013
July 2013
February 2013
  • Professor Salleo recieves tenure and is promoted to Associate Professor!
November 2012
  • Chenchen Wang delivers her PhD thesis defense titled "Microstructure and Change Transport In Conjugated Polymers"
October 2012
  • Rodrigo Noriega presents his PhD thesis defense titled "Chain Conformation and Disorder in High Mobility Semiconducting Polymers: Understanding Charge Transport in Complex Microstructures"
August 2012
  • Rodrigo Noriega, Duc Duong, Diane Wu, and Scott Himmelberger present at the 2012 SPIE Optics + Photonics conference in San Diego, CA.
July 2012
  • Waqas Mustafeez delivers his PhD thesis defense titled "Silicon Nanocrystals, Dust to Gold: Material, Devices and Synthesis"
June 2012
  • Saahil Mehra wins the 2012 Centennial Teaching Assistant Award, recognizing and rewarding outstanding instruction by teaching assistants in the schools of Humanities and Sciences, Earth Sciences and Engineering.
  • Duc Duong wins the Dr. John Stephens, Jr. Memorial Award, given annually to one Materials Science student who has been an inspiration to others.
May 2012
  • Young Min Park delivers his PhD thesis defense titled "High-κ Dielectric Layers and their applications in Organic Electronics"
February 2012
  • Sangwon Lee presents his PhD thesis defense titled "Graphene: Synthesis, Structure & Properties"
October 2011
  • Sujay Phadke gives his PhD thesis defense titled "Study of charge transport through doped ZnO nanowire solution processed transparent conducting electrodes"
August 2011
  • Jonathan Rivnay wins the 2011 Melvin P. Klein Scientific Development Award for outstanding research conducted at SSRL.
May 2011
  • Jonathan Rivnay delivers his PhD thesis defense titled "The Effect of Disorder and Defects on Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors"
April 2011
  • Jon Rivnay wins the MRS Graduate Student Gold Award at the 2011 Spring MRS Meeting, San Francisco, CA
November 2010
  • Saahil Mehra, Youngmin Park, Sujay Phadke, and Alberto Salleo present at the 2010 Fall MRS Meeting in Boston.
  • Youngmin Park's publication "Room-Temerature Fabrication of Ultra-Thin Oxide Gate Dielectrics for Low-Voltage Operation of Organic Field Effect Transistors" accepted to Advanced Materials.
  • Sangwon Lee's publication "Laser-Synthesized Epitaxial Graphene" accepted to ACS Nano.
August 2010
  • Prof. Alberto Salleo recieves the SPIE Young Investigator of the year award at the 2010 SPIE conference in San Diego, CA.
  • Saahil Mehra, Rodrigo Noriega, Sangwon Lee, and Leslie Jimison present at the 2010 SPIE conference in San Diego, CA.
October 2009
  • Flexible Electronics published by Springer (eds. William S. Wong and Alberto Salleo).
  • Jonathan Rivnay's paper "Large modulation of carrier transport by grain-boundary molecular packing and microsctructure in organic thin films" to be published in Nature Materials.
September 2009
  • Youngmin Park's paper "Dual gate organic thin film transistors as chemical sensors" published in Applied Physics Letters.
  • Leslie Jimison wins the Martin P. Klein Scientific Development Award from the LCLS/SSRL.
  • Chenchen Wang's paper "Microstructural Origin of High-Mobility in High-Performance Poly(thieno-thiophene) Thin Film Transistors" to be published in Advanced Materials.
  • Bryce Meredig's paper "Ordering of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanocrystallites on the Basis of Substrate Surface Energy" to be published in ACS Nano.
August 2009
  • Rodrigo Noriega presents at the 2009 SPIE conference in San Diego, CA, August 2-4.
June 2009
  • Leslie Jimison and Jonathan Rivnay present at the 2009 EMC Conference at Penn State, June 24-26.
April 2009
  • Ludwig Goris, Leslie Jimison, Rodrigo Noriega, and Jonathan Rivnay presented at the 2009 Spring MRS meeting in San Francisco, April 13-17.
March 2009
  • Leslie Jimison's paper "Charge Transport Anisotropy Due to Grain Boundaries in Directionally Crystallized Thin Films of Regio-regular Poly(3-hexylthiophene)" published in Advanced Materials.
  • Chenchen Wang presents a talk at the APS conference in Pittsburg, PA on March 16th
February 2009
  • Rodrigo Noriega presents a talk at the TMS conference in San Francisco, CA on February 17th
  • Ludwig Goris's paper, "Intrinsic and Doped Zinc Oxide Nanowires for Transparent Electrode Fabrication via Low-Temperature Solution Synthesis", published in the Journal of Electronic Materials.
July 2008
  • Leslie Jimison's paper "Correlating the microstructure of thin films of Poly[5,5'-bis(3-dodecyl-2-thienyl)-2,2'-bithiophene] with charge transport: effect of dielectric surface energy and thermal annealing" published in Physical Review B.
  • Theme Article by Prof. Salleo, Leslie Jimison, Jonathan Rivnay, and Prof. Chabinyc, "Connecting Electrical and Molecular Properties of Semiconducting Polymers for Thin Film Transistors" published in MRS Bulletin.
  • Ludwig Goris presents at the Gordon Research Conference on Electronic Processes in Organic Materials at Mount Holyoke College, MA, July 20-25.
June 2008
  • Ludwig Goris, Leslie Jimison and Jonathan Rivnay presented at the 2008 Electronic Materials Conference in Santa Barbara, June 25-28.
April 2008
  • Leslie Jimison is awarded a 2008 Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Education Foundation Fellowship
March 2008
  • Ludwig Goris gave a presentation at the Spring MRS Conference in San Francisco, CA
November 2007
  • Leslie Jimison, Jonathan Rivnay, Professor Salleo gave talks at the Fall MRS Conference in Boston, MA
  • Prof. Salleo's paper "Solution-based Self-Assembly of an Array of Polymeric Thin-Film-Transistors" published in Advanced Materials
August 2007
  • Ludwig Goris gives a talk at the 2007 SPIE Conference in San Diego, CA
June 2007
  • Leslie Jimison gave a talk at the 2007 Electronic Materials Conference at Notre Dame University, IN
April 2007
  • Sam Rosenthal is awarded a 2007 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
March 2007
  • Prof. Salleo's review "Charge Transport in Polymeric Transistors" was published in Materials Today.
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