About Us

What We Do

Spicmacay Stanford is an organization dedicated to the conservation and promotion of Indian classical music. Through engagement with the art form and direct interaction with the living legends of today, Spicmacay tries to inculcate musicality in Stanford youth. Our events are targeted at bringing these art forms to the Stanford community in an accessible way.


We work hard to organize and host Indian Classical concerts and performances on campus. Top-notch artists from both Hindustani and Carnatic background come and put their virtuosity on display for students and faculty on campus - for free.


Spicmacay, in addition to hosting musicians, also organizes student performances for our core. Much of our core is involved in Hindustani and Carnatic music, and we seize the opportunity to showcase our talent as much as possible. We give performance chances to all members equally so that new recruits will gain valuable exposure and experience.


In addition to the performances we host and give, Spicmacay is responsible for teaching MUSIC 1SI - Introduction to Indian Classical Music (co-hosted by Anna Schultz of the Ethnomusicology department). We teach the basics of Indian music appreciation, supplementing with live demos and guest lectures from the plethora of talent around the Bay, including members of Spicmacay. Involving new recruits in the teaching process brings fresh perspective and refines the course as it ages.

Core Responsibilities

Spicmacay is flexible in the amount of work members choose to do. We are accommodative of busy schedules. Officers (President, Vice President, Financial Officer, Marketing Officer, Recruiting Officer, Webmaster) have specific, defined roles for the year, whereas Members’ roles are more fluid, centering around the professional performances we host. The average member commitment is about a couple of hours per quarter (but varies per position).