SciFinder web/Scholar: Want to Move to ALL Web by 2/1/10

In order to maximize access, reduce the amount of time spent on security issues and on technical support, I want to migrate ALL of our seats to the web version by February 1, 2010.

If you are getting more “busy” signals when you try to login to use SciFinder, this is due to a reduction in the number of users available. The total number of simultaneous users for SciFinder has decreased from 11 to 8. Allocation of simultaneous seats for each interface is a set value. As a catalyst to encourage users to migrate from the client to the web, last week I changed the allocation of simultaneous users from 4 web/4 client to 5 web/3 client. I also reduced the inactivity timeout from 20 to 12 minutes.

CAS has worked hard to make the two interfaces equivalent in terms of features offered. Last week they announced significant enhancements in performance and speed. If you tried out the web version some time ago when it was still alpha/beta, I encourage you to try it again. Hopefully, you’ll find the web version to be a viable tool in your research.

For those that haven’t tried using the web version yet, please note one-time registration is required to set up a personal login. The web version offers several important advantages not available in the client version. They include:

  • You can access the web version from off-campus.
  • Keep-Me-Posted feature that allows you to set up alerts using authors, subjects, or structures. A maximum of 20 alerts are allowed per login ID.
  • Hypertext link from the ACS Publications site to SciFinder for individual articles. These links allow you to retrieve the SciFinder record for a citation and from there view citing papers.

Security issues have grown during the past nine months. One of the prime targets by information pirates has been SciFinder. Using only the web version will help limit access to authorized Stanford users.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Grace Baysinger (

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