The Chemists in the Library Working Group has compiled these electronic and print resources for further exploration of the theme of National Chemistry Week: Chemistry’s Contribution to Our Health and Wellness. The resources have been classified by grade level and annotated.

Subject Areas

Learning about the Human Body
How the body works and how the choices you make can affect your health.
Diagnosing Diabetes
Learn more about kidney function, urinalysis and blood testing as well as things you can do if you have Diabetes.
Understanding Nutrition/Obesity
Become knowledgeable about nutrition and how many calories your body needs. Also learn about antioxidants in some food and how they can protect you from becoming sick.
Preventing Infections
Learn how to prevent infections, how washing your hands can prevent you from becoming sick, and how the body works in defending you against diseases.
Keeping Teeth Healthy
See how brushing your teeth can help your teeth healthy. Also learn how plastics can help prevent cavities.
Preventing Skin Cancer
Learn about UV and what impact exposure to it has on your skin. Learn how sunscreens can help prevent skin cancer.
A – Z
Alphabetical list of resources.

More Information

Health-related museum exhibits.
Reference Shelf
Sources of basic reference information.
How to Find More in Your Library
Find other interesting books by searching your library’s catalog or by browsing certain call numbers in your library’s stacks.
How to Find More on the Web
Find other interesting web sites using search engines and subject directories.