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Current Projects
Research & Publications
Affiliations at Stanford
Current Projects:

  • The Effects of Socioeconomic Status, Institutional Selectivity, Major, and Major-Declaration-Process on Engineering Students’ Post-Graduation Plans (Sheri Sheppard, PI; Funded by Sloan Foundation). An analysis of national data on the academic pathways of undergraduate engineering students. The overarching goal of this project is to identify variables tied to engineering students’ postgraduation plans.

  • Evaluation of the National College Advising Corps (NCAC) (Funded by NCAC). A multi-method, comprehensive evaluation of the impact of NCAC advisers on student aspirations and college enrollment and success outcomes.

  • Social Network Analysis of the Impact of Interactional Diversity on College Students (pursuing funding). This project seeks to understand how the social organization of students affects the racial diversity and closeness of student relations, and the impact of both on outcomes.  In particular, we are interested in relational structures such as insulated subcultures, close-knit cliques, and chains of relations on campus.