Advanced Listening and Vocabulary Development

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EFS 693B
Week 6 Notes


I. Groundhog Day - continued. See for a synopsis (a summary of the story) and vocabulary list with definitions--don't read the plot summary yet. We will be watching the rest of this later.

II. Halloween is coming up--here are some videos explaining it. You can use any of these not watched in class for your projects. 

III. Discussion of your individual vocabulary (2 groups)

  1. How are you looking up the meanings of the words/phrases?

  2. How do you decide which unknown words/phrases to learn?

  3. How do you maintain your word/phrase lists?

  4. How often do you review your vocabulary?

  5. How do you review it?

Consider: What did you learn from classmates that might improve your vocabulary learning experience?

Note: You can practice vocabulary with computer or phone apps

IV. Homework: impressions of Discuss in groups.

V. Value of rewatching:

VI. Some movie support materials: has examples of movie clips (scenes from movies) and "trailers"--advertisements that preview scenes from the movie to interest you in watching it. Includes comprehension questions and sometimes captions. has movie guides for a number of good films (including Groundhog Day). It has a summary of the movie and extensive vocabulary support

You may be able to find transcripts of movies by searching under the movie name and "transcript", but be careful of the sites you visit!

VII. Groundhog Day continued.


1) This week, the assignment for your independent project is to continue with last week's assignment. Think about what we discussed this week regarding vocabulary. Remember your report of all 5 hours and 50 words is due November 3 at 11:59pm.

2) We will have our third set of individual meetings starting 11/4. Be sure that you have learned all your vocabulary up to that point--I'll quiz you on a random set of words/phrases from your reports.

3) Rewatch some material from two or more weeks ago for 20-30 minutes. Come to class ready to discuss 1) how you decided what to watch; 2) how you watched it; 3) what you learned from the expereince

4) Finish Groundhog Day before the next class 11/6. I have DVDs to check out to you or you can look for it online. Pause and rewind as needed when you get lost or want to review something to understand it better. Once you've finished the movie, you can go back and review it as part of your independent project this week or next. See for information on where to view DVDs. You can also go to the media center in the basement of Green Library.

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