Martin Fischer: Teaching Overview: Engineer and Masters Degree Advisees
This page lists the Engineer and Masters degree students for whom I served or am serving as the Principal Thesis Advisor (in chronological order).
James R. Breuer, Managerial Issues and the Implementation of Information Technology in the AEC Industry, June 1993
Eric B. Collier, Four-dimensional Modeling in Design and Construction, March 1995
Robert C. Woods, The Rise and Fall of Commercial Real Estate Development in the USA: A History of Causes and Effects, March 1996
Burcu H. Akinci, Contractor's Risk of Cost Overburden: A Review of Risk Factors and Methods, June 1996
Abraham Katz, Assessing Plan Reliability with 4D Production Models, June 1998
Bonsang Koo, Application of 4D Modeling to Commercial Construction, August 1998
Sergio Luis Moya Palazuelos, EEAP's Feasibility Study for Exporting Structural Steel from Mexico to the US, March 1999
Gustavo de Lemos, Financial Price Risks and Current Risk Management Practices in the Construction Industry, July 1999
Meenakshy Chakravorty, December 2000 (MS in Computer Science with Distinction in Research, co-advised with Terry Winograd)
Alex Barron, Modeling Business Processes to Predict Potential Benefits of Internet-Based Project Control Systems, June 2001
Sheryl Staub-French, Industrial Case Study of Electronic Design, Cost, and Schedule Integration, June 2001
Calvin Kam, A Study of Product Modeling Approach and Interoperability Standard based on an International Design and Construction Pilot, June 2002
Brad Jarrett, Naming Convention for 4D Modeling, August 2002
Mauricio Toledo, Potential Capital Expenditures Savings from Virtual Design and Construction and their Impact on Companies' Financial Performance, March 2006
Atul Khanzode, Enabling the Lean Project Delivery Process through the Application of Virtual Design and Construction Technologies, December 2006
Ju Gao, Framework and Case Studies Comparing Implementations and Impacts of 3D/4D Modeling across Projects, March 2008
Hideyuki Kobayashi, An Application of Probabilistic Life-Cycle Cost Analysis to the Construction and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Bridges, June 2008
Nuwan Senaratna, Automatically inferring decision alternatives in AEC decision scenarios, June 2009 (MS in Computer Science with Distinction in Research, co-advised with Jean-Claude Latombe)
Roshan Mehdizadeh, A Technical Comparison of Voluntary and Involuntary Sustainable Rating Systems for Building Development, June 2011.
Forest Peterson, Model-based Quantity Collection and Control, March 2012
Jung In Kim, Extending the Decision Support Simulator to Forecast Road Demand, March 2012
Sangwoo Cho, Real-Time Supply Chain Management using Virtual Design and Construction and Lean Methods, June 2012
Anne-Laure Cuvilliez, Construction of Renewable Energy Infrastructure, June 2012
Elaine Kan, The Three Essential Ingredients for Rapidly Greening Today's Building Portfolios: Enabling Technology Combined with Enhanced Industry Practice, Performance-based Policies, and Innovative Financing Mechanisms, June 2012 (MS thesis in International Policy)

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