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Teaching Interests and Activties

I am passionate about improving the sustainability of the built environment. For me, this means that buildings do more for their users – we make the best use possible of the energy, materials, and efforts that create a building – and that they are built productively and with environmental and social sensitivity. This can only happen if everybody involved in making and using a building participates when their input is most useful and if the whole process is managed well. Therefore, I am teaching undergraduate and graduate courses on how to design the building’s life cycle and how to manage projects using traditional and modern management approaches and information technologies.

My undergraduate class CEE100 Managing Sustainable Building Projects is part of the core curriculum for undergraduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering and part of the required depth courses for students majoring in Architectural Design. It also fulfills the WIM (Writing in the Major) requirement for CEE students. CEE241 Managing Fabrication and Construction and CEE217 Construction the Renewable Energy Infrastructure are part of the curriculum for Master's students in Construction Engineering and Management, Design-Construction Integration, Sustainable Design and Construction, and Atmosphere and Energy. Together with John Kunz I help organize a seminar series on Integrated Facility Engineering (CEE320) and with Ben Schwegler, Chief Scientist and VP for R&D at Walt Disney Imagineering, I lead a project class on Engineering Response to Sea Level Rise (CEE129/229)..

Courses I am teaching in 2011-2012

CEE 100 Managing Sustainable Building Projects (Aut, 4 units)
CEE 129/229 Engineering and Policy Responses to Climate Change Impacts on Seaports (Aut, Win, Spr, 2 or 4 units) with Ben Schwegler
CEE 217 Constructing the Renewable Energy Infrastructure (Spr, 3 units)
CEE 100A Managing Sustainable Building Projects (Spr, 4 units) - for graduating seniors in CEE only

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