Martin Fischer: Teaching Overview: Ph.D. Advisees
This page lists the Ph.D. students for whom I served or am serving as the Principal Thesis Advisor.
Ph.D. students who have graduated (in chronological order):

Mark Clayton, co-advised with P. Teicholz, A Virtual Product Model for Conceptual Building Design Evaluation, July 1998.

Dr. Clayton is the Liz and Nelson Mitchell Professor in Residential Design and the Associate Director of Academic Affairs of the Center for Housing and Urban Development in the Department of Architecture in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University.

William J. O'Brien, Capacity Costing Approaches for Construction Supply-Chain Management, August 1998.

Dr. O'Brien is Associate Professor of Construction Engineering and Project Management Program and the Phil M. Ferguson Teaching Fellow in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Florian B. Aalami, Using Method Models to Generate 4D Production Models, August 1998.

Dr. Aalami is the President of ADAPT Structural Concrete Software.

Burcu Akinci, Automatic Generation of Work Spaces and Analysis of Time-Space Conflicts at Construction Sites, June 2000.

Dr. Akinci is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Sheryl Staub-French, Feature-driven Activity-based Cost Estimating, June 2002.

Dr. Staub-French is Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, holder of the Marshall Bauder Chair in Engineering Economics, and Coordinator of the Engineering Management Program at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Ragip Akbas, Geometry Based Modeling and Simulation of Construction Processes, August 2003.

Dr. Akbas is doing interesting things with computers for the AEC industry.

John Haymaker, The Perspective Approach: Enabling Engineers to Construct and Integrate Views and Generate an Evolving Project Model, December 2003.

Dr. Haymaker is the Founder of Wecision and Design Process Innovation.

Bonsang Koo, Formalizing Construction Sequencing Constraints for the Rapid Generation of Scheduling Alternatives, December 2003.

Dr. Koo is an Assistant Professor at Seoul National University of Science & Technology in Korea.

Arto Kiviniemi, Product Model Based Requirements Management, March 2005.

Dr. Kiviniemi is Professor of Digital Architectural Design in the School of the Built Environment and the Head of the Design Directorate at the University of Salford in the UK.

Calvin Kam, Dynamic Decision Breakdown Structure: Ontology, Methodology, and Framework For Information Management In Support Of Decision-Enabling Tasks in the Building Industry, December 2005.

Dr. Kam is the Founder and CEO of bimSCORE.He is also a Consulting Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and the Director for Industry Programs at the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford.

Jonghoon Kim, Temporary Structure Planning Ontology, December 2006.

Dr. Kim is a Senior BIM Manager at DPR.

Timo Hartmann, A Grassroots Model of Decision Support System Implementations by Construction Project Teams, March 2008.

Dr. Hartmann is Assistant Professor in the Department of Construction Management and Engineering at the University of Twente in The Netherlands.

Claudio Mourgues, Method to Produce Field Instructions from Product and Process Models, December 2008.

Dr. Mourgues Assistant Professor in the Department of Construction Engineering and Management (Departamento de Ingeniería y Gestión de la Construcción) at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Santiago, Chile.

Kathleen Liston, A Mediated-Interaction Approach to Study the Role of Media Use in Team Interaction, September 2009.

Dr. Liston is the CEO of ecooffsite.

Peggy Ho, An Automated Method to Identify Occupant Interactions in Renovations of Occupied Buildings, December 2009.

Dr. Yee is the Program Expert for the National 3D-4D-BIM Program in the National Office of Design & Construction at the GSA Public Buildings Service.

Tobias Maile, Comparing Measured and Simulated Building Energy Performance Data, August 2010.

Dr. Maile is a Staff Scientist with the Building Technologies Group in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Atul Khanzode, An Integrated Virtual Design and Construction and Lean (IVL) Method for the Doordination of Mechanical, electrical, and Plumbing Systems, August 2011.

Dr. Khanzode is the Director of Construction Technologies at DPR.

Julia Gao, A Characterization Framework to Document and Compare BIM Implementations on Construction Projects, December 2011.

Dr. Gao is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong.

Current Ph.D. students (in alphabetical order):
Ning (Tony) Dong, Quick Generation of Close-to-Optimum Look-Ahead Schedules for the Finishing Phase of Complex Projects, June 2012.
Forest Flager, BiOpt: A Method for Shape and Member Sizing Optimization of Steel Frame Structures, March 2012.
Robert Graebert, The Energy Management Function for Commercial Building Campuses, tbd.
Amir Kavousian, tbd, tbd.
Taewan Kim, Connecting the Building Occupant Activities and Space Requirements, tbd.
Wendy Li, How Process Metrics Predict Client Satisfaction, December 2012.
Roshan Mehdizadeh, Harmonizing Green Building Codes and Guidelines, tbd.
Rene Morkos, A method for creating construction schedules by generating relationships between zones from object oriented models and construction method model recipes, December 2012.
Forest Peterson, Integrated Model-based Heavy-Civil Project Monitoring, August 2012.
Min Song, tbd, tbd.
Jumie Yuventi, Automated Design of Electrical Systems for Buildings, tbd
Current Ph.D. students co-advised (in alphabetical order):
Austin Becker, Impacts of Climate Change on International Seaports and Port-based Economies: Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Strategies for Resiliency, August 2012, (co-adisor with Pam Matson, School of Earth Sciences).
Ph.D. students on leave:
Sangwoo Cho, Real-Time Supply Chain Management (SCM) using Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Lean Methods, on leave.
Tetsu Kondo, Process Model of Construction Operations for Self-Organized Planning and Control, on leave.
Seungkoon Lyu, Representation and Application of Building Component Conditions to Identify Building Components Conforming to Particular Specifications Using a 4D Production Model, on leave.
Mauricio Toledo, A Method to Quickly Identify Underperforming Buildings with Respect to Energy and Water Consumption within a Building Portfolio, June 2012.

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