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February 2018

Realized that i had forgotten to add some brief descriptions of Clara's part in the talies in her filmography. for films for which i have't provided a separate page. Especially her delightful appearance in the otherwise tedious Mr. Celebrity.

January 2018

Added a link to Clara Kimball Young's Diary to the home page . Thanks to Matt McKnight for alerting me to this. Also updated the Vitagraph information on the addresses page since it has now been demolished. According to the American Silent Feature Film Database, Lying Wives exists, so updated that information on that page and the filmography. . On the other hand the database still doesn't list The Feast of Life as existing, so go figure.

December 2016

Though i'm not making an effort to fix broken links any more, i did note that the Eye Institut pulled its films off of the Thought Equity site and moved them to youTube, so i am trying to update those. Also added yet another New York studio address to the addreses page.

June 2016

I put a PDF of the Common Law pressbook in the Internet Archive, as well as the nice little herald for Magda. The Great Lakes Cinephile Society has called it quits, so Dennis Atkinson very nicely gave me a link to a different video of What No Man Knows,which they used to sell, so i updated the links to that. Derek sent a lobby card for Eyes of Youth, which i added to that page.

December 2015

At this point there is no way i can keep up with broken links. If you are interested in following a link that's broken, copy it and paste it into the Wayback Machine and look at the page from a few years back. Dr. LeFleur's Theory turned up on youTube so added that to the filmography, home page, and, with a brief comment, to the 1912 film reviews page. A picture in the biographical article that i had had dated to 1935 turned out to be from Probation (1932) so i updated the caption. Noted onthe filmography and home page that many talkies are now available on youTube, they change too fast for me to note the URLs.

December 2014

Derek provided a lobby card for What No Man Knows

December 2014

Appropos of Christmas, i got a nice copy of Theatre World for the 1955-56 season, inscribed from Daniel Blum to Clara Kimball Young for Christmas 1956, i posted it in the Picture gallery along with scans of a 1931 program for the Moore Theatre in Seattle, where she appeared in The Shelf and in The Letter, of all things. Hard to imagine her in that part, but, on the other hand, she was best when she was bitchy. I'll have to look for reviews. Darn, it looks like Stanford doesn't have any online access to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that goes back that far. I also put a PDF of the program in the Internet Archive.. Also had to delete some links from the home page, unfortunately several sites have ceased to exist. Farewell,, you were a great website. I'm hoping The Blue Book of the Screen will get reposted, as it's the only information and good photo i've seen on Harry Garson, but in the meantime put a link to the Wayback Machine cache on the biographical article.

July 2014

Grapevine Video just issued Straight From Paris on DVD with Mid-Channel. Added comments to that page and updated the video page and filmography. Also updated the filmography and home page since Love Bound AKA Murder on the High Seas (1932) has turned up on youTube

February 2014

It occurred to me that i should put the links to the Cineteca di Bologna screenings of Camille and The Feast of Life on the pages for those films in addition to just having them on this page. A little more useful, i'd say.

November 2013

The Women Film Pioneers Project is finally online! I added a link to the site, as well as a link to Karen Ward Mahar's excellent article on Clara's career as a producer to the home page

July 2013

Thanks to Eric Fauman, who provided me with information about Dr. Arthur Fauman, which i posted as a footnote to the on the biographical article

April 2013

Added a link to a great Chicago Times picture of Clara with Harry Garson from the Chicago Tribune to the main article. You probably have to scroll down to see it. Thanks to Joan Myers for alerting me to this site. Also added a photo of Clara to the Picture gallery from Pat Wilson, who found it under a picture frame--thanks for sharing!

November 2012

Donna Hill gave me a lovely lobby card for The Hands of Nara. Joan Myers provided some New York Dramatic Mirror articles for The Foolish Virgin, as well as a squib from The Reel Journal, that i added as a link to the 1925 St. Louis Clara Kimball Young Day photos in the Picture gallery.

September 2012

Got a nice picture of Clara with Cecil B. DeMille which i added to the Picture gallery.

August 2012

Corrected the link to Women Go On Forever pressbook. Posted a link to a the plot (with a picture) of The Violin of M'sieur from "Little Stories from the Screen." Added two pictures of Clara at a veteran's hospital in St. Lewis on "Clara Kimball Young" day in 1925 to the Picture gallery. Added a poster image (courtesy of Donna Hill) for Cheating Cheaters. Added information from the 1940 census to the addresses page and a bit on one of Selznick's studio spaces. A shout-out to the Digital Media History Library for scanning and posting issues of Photoplay, Moving Picture World, and other important trade journals and fan magazines. I also added a link to it on the home page.

March 2012

Added the PDF version of the Women Go On Forever pressbook. Got a lobby card for Mid-Channel from Derek Boothroyd

January 2012

Another couple films on the Thought Equity website, Lessons in Courtship and Delayed Proposals. Added another Moving Picture World review for When Roses Wither Unfortunately had to update Her Husband to remove the archival holding, so that film is probably lost. Updated the Filmography and the review pages for the films. David Kiehn and Dorothy Bradley at the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum scanned my crumbling pressbook for Women Go On Forever, so i added the scans to that page, and the Museum is now in possession of the original. Thanks!

November 2011

Last month i did some quick updates, embedding video for My Official Wife and Hearts in Exile. I added a link on the 1914 films page to James Bazen's review of The Violin of M'sieur screening at Cinevent that he posted to Nitrateville. The new Thought Equity website has a bunch of Clara's Vitagraph films courtesy of the Nederlands Film Archives: A Vitagraph Romance, Jerry's mother in law , The Picture Idol, When Mary grew up, Lulu's doctor, A lesson in jealousy, The Lonely princess , Stenographer troubles , and The troublesome stepdaughters . Updated the Filmography, Home Page , and the review pages for the films. In addition Curt F. gave me the text on the back of a postcard i already had up in my Picture gallery--it turns out it was a promotion for The Common Law

July 2011

Good news--a rediscovery! I had thought that The Feast of Life was lost, but a kind message from Leonhard Gmür alerted me to the recent screening of this film in Bologna, along with Camille. Both prints are from the the Národní Filmový Archiv (Czech Film Archive). The films were part of the Cinema Ritrovato festival retrospective of director Albert Capellani. Descriptions of the programs can be found here and here. Also added another still for the lost talkie Women go on Forever, pictures from the photoplay edition of The Heart of Blue Ridge, a nice little book-shaped herald for Magda, and a Siempre Giovine cosmetics ad from Randy Bigham, for the Picture gallery

April 2011

Small text additions to the filmography, pictures and main article

March 2011

Corrected the caption of photo on the pictures page and added it to the page for Hush. Also added some stills for the lost talkie Women go on Forever, and have more material on the way. Added references to the book Silent film stars on the stages of Seattle by Eric L. Flom to the bio and pictures pages, since that book has a listing of Clara's stage appearances in Seattle before her film days. Derek also confirmed that the picture by Schafer that i posted in October was in costume and makeup for She Married Her Boss.

October 2010

Corrected link on the filmography page for A Midsummer Night's Dream, which doesn't appear to have Clara in it anyway, as well as a link to Reviews of Forbidden Woman on Nitrateville.. and Derek Boothroyd contributed a still from The Common Law. Added to the Home Page a link to the profile of Clara on Find-A-Grave, and some more tidbits to the addresses page. Derek also gave a picture of Clara in 1935 that i posted on the Picture gallery. Added the address of the Louis Selznick Enterprises office to the addresses page

April 2010

On the Picture gallery, i added a "Big Gun" cigarette card from Derek Boothroyd. I finally got a copy of the ReelClassicDVD copy of Trilby and added a review. Noticed that in the film was a dress that had appeared in Lola, so i added a comment to that page as well. Also added some census info to the addresses page

February 2010

Dennis Atkinson sent a nice lobby card for The Forbidden Women. On the Picture gallery, i added a "Little Housewife" promotional card from Derek Boothroyd, and altered some of the text on some pictures of her with a lovely black velvet dress with a square neck. Also added a link to The First One Hundred Noted Men and Women of the Screen on Google Books (scanned from Stanford's copy, by the way). It has an article on Clara, as well as Alice Joyce and Norma Talmadge.

August 2009

Just found that Mr. Mintern's Adventures is in the UCLA Film and Television archives, so added that info to the Filmography and the 1913 film references page.

May 2009

Derek Boothroyd sent a scan of a lobby card from The Road through the Dark and a picture of the Moriarty playing cards which i added to the page for My Official Wife. Allen Ellenberger posted some pictures of The Selig-Polyscope Studio, on Allesandro, which later became Garson Studio, so i linked it to a couple of pages. While looking at these, i realized that this picture is in front of one of the studio buildings.

March 2009

Derek Boothroyd sent a scan of an article on the 1914 popularity contest in which Clara was the top scorer, and i added it to the page of assorted old articles and clippings. He also sent two notices of film reissues from Vitagraph's Exhibitors Plan Books from 1917 which i added to the same page. Thanks to Jane of the Historical Ziegfeld site for identifying several photos by Alfred Cheney Johnston in the Picture gallery and sending photos by several noted photographers, which i also added to that page, and well as one for The Claw plus a scan of a page from Famous Film Folks for the old articles

February 2009

I was able to see the mysterious Troublesome Step-Daughters and Stenographer Troubles and add viewing comments for them. I updated the link for the Great Lakes Cinephile Society video of What No Man Knows on the Video page, and added links to pictures and a video on the Vitagraph studios on the addresses page

December 2008

Stanford gave me some more server space, so i'm adding things again (while i sit at home with the flu on my vacation!). I added a favicon to the site. I added to the video page, Filmography Home page, Eyes of Youth, 1913 film references, to YouTube and Cinema in Quebec in Silent Era (the latter has Put Yourself in their Place and The Old Guard). NYU put William K. Everson's screening notes online, so i added a link to Hearts in Exile to that page. Also added an advertisement for Select Pictures to the Picture gallery. Thanks to Derek Boothroyd for that. The biggest bunch of stuff i added are reviews from Moving Picture World for her short films, linking them to the Filmography.

August 2007

Put up a new page of assorted old articles and clippings which are also from that EBay stash. I just scanned them and put them up on a single page, i don't have the time to transcribe them anymore. Also updated the status of Camille, and A Lively Affair in the Filmography.

July 2007

Ok, i'm finally delving into the ebay stuff i mentioned last November, mostly unidentified clippings. Added reviews for My Official Wife (plus picture), The Foolish Virgin, Camille, Magda, The Woman of Bronze (plus picture) , Cordelia the Magnificent (plus picture), A Wife's Romance, Women Go On Forever, The Hands of Nara (plus a picture and an ad), Charge It, Hush (plus an incomplete short story adaptation), Mid Channel, For The Soul of Rafael, The Forbidden Woman, The Better Wife and The Easiest Way, to which i also added the scanned Photoplay short story adaptation, a picture, plus a short Motion Picture Magazine review (courtesy of Frederica). And pictures from The Price She Paid, The Savage Woman, and The Reason Why. Also added these links to the Filmography. Derek Boothroyd and I both recently acquired pennants, so added both to the Picture gallery, as well some other clippings and a photo of Clara with D.W. Griffith and others in 1936 from Randy Bigham.

April 2007

Got a nice picture that i added to the Picture gallery. Thanks to Carl and Cordina Worley and the estate of Larry M. Reynolds for this. I updated the video page, adding Grapevine's DVD offerings and deleting Videobrary (which now goes to a site selling bras!). Bruce Calvert found a new site for his The Silent Film Still Archive, so i changed a few links. Haven't gotten to the Ebay stuff i mentioned in November. I'll be lucky if i get it posted this year!

November 2006

I posted existing footage from My Official wife on Google Video, which promptly corrupted the file (along with the Hearts in Exile file). So i posted both to The Internet Archive , and added the links to the Filmography. as well as the individual pages for the film. Also added a link to the filmography and the video page for Sunrise Silents DVD-R of Devil's Island, which has What a Change of Clothes Did (1913) as an extra. Stay tuned, i just got a bunch of Clara Kimball Young material from EBay, and will be adding it in the next few months.

September 2006

I posted Hearts in Exile on Google Video, and added the link to the filmography Filmography.

July 2006

Just a couple of tweaks to the Filmography, including posting a link to A Midsummer Night's Dream on Google Video, which i dont' think has Clara in it anyway.

May 2006

Whew! Finally typed up the cast and credits and release dates for the Vitagraph short films in the Filmography. Now i finally have to look up and type the reviews. That should only take a couple more years!

April 2006

Thanks to Joop van Dijk and Juan from Brussels for identifying Queen Elizabeth of Belgium with Clara in a photo in the Picture gallery

October 2005

Added more Lucile credits to Filmography (thanks to Randy Bigham for all the costume credits, and also for the advertisement for Eyes of Youth and new review for Mid Channel . Created a page of addresses. Was reading Opera News and noticed we had a match on an unidentified woman in the Picture gallery. It's Luisa Tetrazzini! Also added credits from the filmography to the pages for the individual films.

February 2005

Added a picture of Clara on a Moriarty playing card to the Picture gallery, as well as a link to's description of the card set. Also added links to their Clara Kimball Young page (gee, a lot of that sounds familiar) to the Home Page. Also on the home page corrected URLS for all the links, and added links to the Blue Book of the Screen article and a short one from Silents are Golden. And was able to use the Blue Book of the Screen to identify a picture of Harry Garson on the main essay page.

January 2005

Added a picture of Clara with Fred Truesdell from Camille and added a link to the Filmography. Also added pictures to Trilby, and Hearts in Exile, as well as a group photo of the World Film Corp. to the main essay. Thanks to Truesdell's great grandson Bill Rabe for these pictures

December 2004

Added comments for the talkies Mother and Son and The Gold Coin to the filmography and video pages. Also, Don McDaniel informed me of the still from The Yellow Passport that he has mounted on his Edwin August website. I added a link to the picture from the and Yellow Passport page and the Filmography. Also added a a postcard to the Picture gallery, courtesy of Phil J. Tedeschi. Thanks!

November 2004

Added a new postcard of the outside of Garson Studios which i linked to the main essay under a picture of the Garson Studios staff.

October 2004

Richard Steele sent me this picture of a theater which is displaying posters of A Wife's Romance. Added a link to that page and the Filmography page.

Added the film "The Fates and Flora Fourflush" (1915) to the Filmography page. Thanks to Zhana Morris for bringing this title to my attention (too bad it appears to be lost). Also added a notation to "The Picture Idol" that a clip appears in the film "Lyrical Nitrate. Also added Clara's address at the time of hear death to the biography page and added an annotion to the Pictures on the picture of her Waring Ave. house.

August 2004

Added links to the new site Golden Silents to the Home page, which includes a biographical page on Clara.

A DVD is now out of Trilby, so added mention on the page for that film and the video page, also added to that page mentions of Alpha Video's DVDs of the talkies The Return of Chandu and Rogue's Tavern. Too bad their site is so hard to search--i had to browse genres.

July 2004

Cool new pictures from Steve Joyce-- 10 pictures from the photoplay novel of Lola. Also, the cover of the sheet music from Eyes of Youth Plus a couple of pictures from Cleo from Luxembourg, a profile portrait and one with a hat, which i added to the Picture Gallery

June 2004

Of all things, found the 1919 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of the Garson Studios online! Added a link under the postcard of the Garson staff on the main essay page

Received scans of a program for The Easiest Way from Randy Bigham.

January 2004

Thanks to info from William Shute, separated the entries for The Wages of Sin and Confessioon of a Vice Baron on the filmography page. Also credited Chris Snowden on that page for his comments on She Married Her Boss.

Oops, forgot the other picture Mark Goffee sent, so added that one to the Picture Gallery

December 2003

Removed references to The Silents Majority, since their domain name is now for sale. Also removed references to Grapevine video, and added Mother and Son and Alpha Video's DVD of Return of Chandu to the videos page.

Added a picture of Clara in a fur trimmed dress and coat to the Picture Gallery Thanks to Mark Goffee for this scan

June 2003

Great news! Tim Lanza at the Douris Corporation reports that they have prints of For the Soul of Rafael. Updated Filmography and provided comments.Thanks Tim!

Steven Lyons very kindly obtained Kevin Brownlow's permission to transcribe his interview with Gareth Hughes, and to allow me to post the transcript. Thanks to both gentlemen for such a special addition to the website!

Chris Snowden spotted Clara in She Married Her Boss and described her role. Updated Filmography Thank you, Chris.

June 2003

Added several new pictures from Randy Bigham to the Picture Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and a better scan of 8 Thanks!

May 2003

Finally saw Rogue's Tavern--what a hoot! A must for Clara's fans. Added brief comments to filmography.

Added three new tinted portraits from Barbara Ulibarri. 1, 2, and 3, and updated and on most updated the Picture Gallery (added a few of Randy's pictures there, too). Thanks!

More lovely Lucile fashion pictures and articles from Randy Bigham! Two fashion spreads from The Reason Why from Vogue July 15, 1918 and April 1, 1918 and from Theatre Magazine, a Lucile fashion sketch, Two gowns from The Rise of Susan (1) and (2), a review for The Marionettes from Motion picture classic , and on most updated the filmography accordingly.

Added additional notes on Eastman House's print of Trilby and added archive note to filmography. Also took out the note that it had been announced for the new Treasures DVD set--since Eastman's print is the cut-up reissue, apparently it isn't considered to be worth putting out on the set. Too bad.

February 2003

Added three pictures for The Easiest Way, and updated filmography (thanks to David Menefee), and added archive note to filmography listing for Wampas Babies (1924)

January 2003

Added a link to the AFI Catalog

July 2002

Added a poster for Hush, and updated filmography (thanks to David Menefee)

July 2002

Added press book for The Common Law, and updated Common Law page and Filmography to reflect.

Added new portraits in costume for Enter Madame and The Common Law

Added link on homepage to Gilda's Blue Book of the Screen

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