James Holland Jones

Submitted Papers

  • Ferguson, B.D., J. Restrepo, and J.H. Jones. (2009) Missing men: The mortality costs of gun violence in Colombia 1985-2005, Demographic Research.
  • Ryan, S.J., A.P. Dobson, and J.H. Jones. (2009) The effects of contact structure, demography and movement on disease transmission within a primate metapopulation, Revise and resubmit.
  • Jones, J.H. and S. Tuljapurkar (2007) Risk management and the evolution of biparental care. Revise and resubmit.

Selected Working Papers

  • Jones, J.H. S. Helleringer, and H.-P. Kohler. Discovering Structure: The Determinants of Sexual Network Patterns. In Pathways of Infection: Sexual Networks and HIV/AIDS in a sub-Saharan Population, in prep.
  • Rudicell, R., J.H. Jones, E. Wroblewski, B. Keele, L Pineta, E. Greengrass, F. Grossman, S. Kamenya, A. Mosser, B. Hahn, A.E. Pusey, M.L. Wilson. Did SIVcpz contribute to the rapid decline of the Kalande chimpanzee community in Gombe National Park, Tanzania? Working Paper.
  • Salkeld, D.J., P. Stapp, J.H. Jones. The climate-disease amplification hypothesis: Relationships between vector-abundance, host density, and weather in grasshopper mice. Working Paper.
  • Jones, J.H. and D. Salkeld Wild bird culls are inefficient for control of avian influenza, Working Paper.
  • Jones, J.H. and S. Jackman. Bayesian inference for finite mixture models: Heterogeneous composition of Californian birth cohorts 1970-2005. Working Paper (PAA 2008).
  • Jones, J.H. S. Helleringer, H.-P. Kohler The epidemiological consequences of sexual network structure on Likoma Island, Malawi. Working Paper (PAA 2007).