Mary Varney Rorty









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Work in Progress:

"Moral Distress: Removing Institutional Impediments" (with A. Hamrick)

"Quality in Health Care Organizations" (with Mills and Werhane)

"Managerial Revolution in American Medicine"

"For Love of the Game: Peter Sloterdijk and Public Controversies in Bioethics" (with N. Paul)


Recent Papers and Presentations:

"Organizational Moral Distress" Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Cleveland

"Habermas and Our Human Future," Stanford, April 9
"Mormons and Genetics," Sunstone Conference, San Francisco, April 19

"Six Sigma and Health Care Values," APPE, March 2002
" Ethics and Discharge Planning," LPCH Ethics Conference, July 19
"The Impact of Organizations on Ethics Practice," Stanford, July 31.
"Health Care Organizational Ethics: The state of the art in the United States." Essen, Germany, September 2002

"Cosmetic Genetics and the Federal Trough,"
Stanford University conference, "Genetic Shopping," Oct. 25
"The Next Step: From Clinical to Organization Ethics," Stanford University Ethics Rounds, March 1.
"TQM and the Vanishing Patient" (with Ann Mills) University of California at Davis, February

"In Search of Common Ground: An Ethics for the New Medicine" ASBH Salt Lake City, October 2000
"From Clinical Ethics to Organization Ethics," Utah Consortium of Ethics Committees, October 2000
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Stanford University Institute for Research on Women and Gender, March, 1997

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International Association for Bioethics, San Francisco, November 1996

"Ethical Challenges: Withdrawal of Support v. Euthanasia." (panel)
Society of Critical Care Medicine, Williamsburg VA

"Legal Implications of HIV Infection" (presentation)
Central Virginia HIV Resource Center, August, October, November 1995

"Divided we Fall: Maternal - Fetal Relations" (presentation)
Ethics in Health Care Institutions, August, October 1995

"When Abortion was Illegal" (panel)
UVA Law School, 1995

"Introduction to Bioethics"
UVA Academic Enhancement Program