Daniel Palanker Email palanker@stanford.edu
Phone (650) 725-0059
Fax (650) 725-8311
Address Stanford University,
Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory
452 Lomita Mall, room 135
Stanford, CA 94305-4085, USA

Professional Interests

Optical and electronic technologies for diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and prosthetic applications, primarily in ophthalmology.

  • Electro-neural interfaces
  • Laser-tissue interactions
  • Optical imaging and spectroscopy

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Current research projects

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Some of the previous research projects

  • Pulsed Electron Avalanche Knife (PEAK)
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscopy
  • Optical detection of physiological stress (based on light scattering spectroscopy)
  • Plasma-mediated electroporation
  • Pulsed liquid microjet
  • Near-field Infrared Microscopy with:
    • Transient optical elements (using photo-induced reflectivity)
    • Tapered fibers
    • Solid-immersion microlenses
  • ArF excimer laser-based system for vitreoretinal surgery
  • ArF excimer laser-based system for debridement of the damaged skin
  • Laser-assisted in-vitro fertilization:
    • Photolysis of zona pellucida using the ArF excimer laser-based system
    • Thermolysis using a microheater-based system
  • Laser poration of cellular membrane: parallel permeabilization of millions of cells using an array of microapertures
  • Statistical approach to sub-wavelength measurements using an array of near-field apertures (This idea later inspired rapid DNA sequencing: SMRT™ technology)

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  • Brain-Machine Interfaces (section on Mechanisms of Electical Stimulation and Inhibition of Neurons)
  • Lasers in Medicine
  • Basic Science Course in Ophthalmology (lectures on Ophthalmic Lasers)
  • Making Sense of the Human Senses (part related to restoration of sight through biotechnology)

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STARTUPS and Technology Transfer

More than 40 patents became foundation of 7 platform technologies transferred to industrial development and manufacturing in startups and established companies. The following technologies are currently in clinical use world-wide:

A few others are in clinical trials:

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1996 - 1998: Postdoctoral fellowship at Picosecond Free Electron Laser Center, Stanford University, CA, USA
“Photo-induced transient optical elements for near-field microscopy”
1989 - 1995: Ph.D. in Applied Physics (summa cum laude), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Dissertation: "Photoablation of Soft Tissues Using Lensless Optics and its Applications to Medicine and Biology".
1979 - 1984: M.Sc. in Physics, Yerevan State University, USSR.
Thesis: "Scattering of X-rays on Crystals with Various Types of Deformation"

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