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Tanzania 2010

As a kid I was a fan of Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom. However, I am not sure I believed I would ever make it to Africa.

Although it took me many years, I finally traveled to Tanzania in 2002. As of this summer, I have now completed 10 trips to Africa, including eight visits to Tanzania.

The most recent journey was a rather brief sojourn as orientation leader for Support for International Change (SIC) 2010 Volunteer Program 2 in Babati, Tanzania. My goal was to teach the teachers and help equip them for the task of working in the local village school and communities. My target audience was a group of western volunteers and Tanzanian Teaching Partners. In all, at least eight countries and four continents were represented. I spent a fairly intense couple of weeks with lots of teaching and class time.

In a way, it was a much more real vision of Tanzania than the typical adventures that Africa usually conjures up.

In terms of HIV infection, the number of contributing factors is truly staggering. The goal of turning the tide of infection is massive, but compelling.

Although my camera often focuses on flowers and insects, colors and patterns, it was the people that made this trip most remarkable, particularly those associated with SIC.

At a minimum, these pictures capture glimpses into village and rural life in Tanzania.

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