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ACRC Educational Videos

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selected by Dolores Gallagher and
Jared Tinklenberg

Video Content

From the 6th Annual Updates on Dementia: Translating Research into Practice

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Keynote Address: Emerging Themes in Alzheimer's Research

William Mobley, M.D., Chair, Department of Neurology, Stanford University School of Medicine

Sleep Problems and Dementia

Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Ph.D.,

Noradrenerigic Systems

Murray Raskind, M.D.,
Univeristy of Washington and VISN 21 MIRECC

Morning Session

The HPA Axis

Elain Peskind, M.D.,
Univeristy of Washington and VISN 21 MIRECC

Psychosocial Interventions to Reduce Caregiver Stress

Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Ph.D., David Coon, Ph.D., Victoria Mitrani, Ph.D., Tracey Vause-Erland, OTR/L

Afternoon Session

From the Stanford VA/AD Center:
2004 Medical Perspectives in AD

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Update on Alzheimer's Disease
Jerome Yesavage, M.D., Director. NIA Alzheimer's Disease Center, Stanford University School of Medicine

NFG Signaling in AD
Ahmad Salehi, Ph.D.
Department of Neurology, Stanford University School of Medicine

From the Annual VISN 21 Extended Care Service Conference held at VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Menlo Park Division

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Behavioral Strategies for Promoting Adaptive Behavior
in Dementia Patients

Jane Fisher, Ph.D.

Palliative Care in Extended Care:
Where are we and where do we go from here?

Jim Hallenbeck, Ph.D.

Cognitive and Behavioral Pain Interventions
with Older Adults

Judith Chapman, Ph.D., ABPP

From the jointly sponsored NIA AD Center, VISN 21 MIRECC, GRECC, Stanford Geriatric Education Center, and Alzheimer's Association of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Third Annual Updates on Dementia Conference: Translating Research into Practice

Pharmacological Interventions to Treat of Prevent Dementia
Moderator: Jerome Yesavage, M.D.
Participants: James W. Hawkins, M.D.
Barbara Sommer, M.D.
Kristine Yaffe, M.D.

Design and Dementia: What We Know and Next Steps
Kristen Day, Ph.D.

Reminiscence with Alzheimer's Disease Patients and Their Families
John Kunz, M.S.

Public Policy Panel: National and State Issues of Concern
Patricia Blanchette, M.D. &
Sherrie Matza, M.B.A.

End of Life Issues in Dementia Care Panel
James Hallenbeck, M.D., James Brigham, LCSW,
Rev. Penny Phillips, M.Div., &
M. Jean Hogan, R.N.P

VAPAHCS Conference on Dementia.
A Psychological Perspective on the Impact of Genetic Tests and Dementia Research
David Coon, Ph.D
VAPAHCS Conference on Long-term Care.
Behavioral Analysis of Problem Behavior in Dementia
Jane Fisher, Ph.D
Management of Agression in Dementia
Jocelyn King, RNCS
From the annual Stanford Psychopharmacology course directed by Alan Schatzberg, M.D.
Geriatric Psychopharmacology
Barbara Sommer, M.D.
From an informal lecture series at the Older Adult Center at VAPAHCS.
Clinical Psychology with Older Adults in the United Kingdom
Ken Laidlaw, Ph.D.
An 8-part series on Coping with Caregiver Frustration.

The accompaning workbook is available as a complete file or individual .pdf files next to each tape.

Tape 1 --- Understanding Frustration

Tape 2 --- The ABC Model

Tape3 --- Danger Signals, Stop Signs and Adaptive Thoughts

Tape 4 --- Identifying and Correcting Unhelpful Thoughts

Tape 5 --- Diary of Thoughts and Personal Declarations

Tape 6 --- Being Assertive and the Broken Record Technique

Tape 7 --- Accepting Your Assertive Rights

Tape 8 --- Review and Conclusion

Cover and Credits
James Hawkins, M.D. and Associates
James Hawkins, M.D.
Overview of the protocols for the psychopharmacologic management of psychiatric problems, including dementia, at VISN 21 Palo Alto VAMC

Pharmacological Management of Dementia

James Hawkins, M.D.
James Hawkins, M.D.
From the weekly scheduled Geropsychiatry Seminar

Kenneth Peters, MD

Heat Waves: Their Impact on the Health of Elders
Karen Girton, RNMS

Physical Morbidity in Elderly Psychiatric Patients
(video, 28 mins.)

David Chiou, M.D.

Binswanger's Disease (video, 45 mins.)
Ellen Coman, Ph.D.

Presentation and Update on the AIMS--the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (video, 51 mins.)
Lorraine F. Rother, RN, CNS

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression
(video, 38 mins.)

Ethnicity and Dementia (video, 54 mins.)
Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Ph.D., ABPP

Assessment of Delirium (video, 41 mins.)
Gloria Kuhlman, DNSc, RN

Dental Care and the Elderly Veteran (video, 37 mins.)
Lakshmi Subramanian, DDS

The Acute Onset of "Agitation and Confusion" in an Elderly Patient (video, 51 mins.)
Anthony Mascola, M.D.

A Case Presentation on Hippocampal Sclerosis
(video, 24 mins.)
Akbar Gilani, M.D.

Efficacy of Prescribed Therapeutic Recreation Protocols on Falls and Injuries in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia (video, 41 mins.)
Alisa Krinsky, MS, CTRS

Parkinson's Disease (video, 45 mins.)
Ellen Coman, Ph.D.

Drug Interactions in the Elderly: Special Case Studies (video, 39 mins.)
Arthur Halliday, M.D.

Trauma-Related Aggressive Behavior in the Elderly Patient (video, 45 mins.)
Eve Carlson, Ph.D.

Music and the Care of the Elderly and/or Dementing Patient (video, 38 mins.)
Joyce Tanaka, RNMS

Multicultural Psychotherapy: A Perspective on Individuals and Cultural Difference (video, 33 mins.)
Malathy Kuppuswamy, M.D.

Psychological Interventions in Nursing Homes:
A Case Presentation (video, 46 mins.)
Margaret J. Florsheim, Ph.D.

Electroconvulsive Therapy with Older Adult Patients (narrated PowerPoint presentation, 30 mins.)
Anil Sharma, M.D.

Cultural Influences in Mental Illness: A Special Presentation made by the Staff in Building 324, Menlo Park Division (video, 49 mins.)

Use of Novel Anitpsychotics in Later Life Psychosis (video, 39 mins.)
Martha Sajatovic, M.D.

Rehabilitation of Memory (video, 48 mins.)
Pompa C. Malakar, R.N.

Home-Based Psychiatric Services for Elderly Patients (Video, 34 mins.)
Barbara L. Yates, M.D.

Stanford / VA Alzheimer's Research Center: Treatment Evaluation Project (video, 13 mins.)
Catherine McFeeters, R.N.

Tools for Survival: Care for the Professional Caregiver (video, 24 mins.)
Janet Childs, Ph.D.

The UC Berkeley Resource Center on Aging and Internet Resources on Aging (video, 37 mins.)
Diane Drive, MSW, Ph.D.

Dementia and Depression (video, 52 mins.)
Ellen Coman, Ph.D.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask About Legal Tools and Planning for the Future (video, 43 mins.)
JoAnn Gould, Esq.

Alzheimer's Disease Update: Year 2002 (video, 45 mins.)
Bruce Miller, M.D.

Thyroid Disease and the Care of the
Geropsychiatric Patient (video, 45 mins.)

Arthur Halliday, M.D.

Aspects of Delirium (PowerPoint, 43 mins.)
Gloria Kuhlman, DNSc, RN, CNS

Adulthood Attention Deficit Disorder (video, 60 mins.)
Ellen Coman, Ph.D.

The KELS: An Essential Tool in Helping with Placement
of Patients and the Determination of Grave Disability
(PowerPoint, 28 mins.)

Daniela Lita, OT Intern

Huntington's Disease (video, 49 mins.)
Ann Ferris, M.D.

Pain Management and Dementia (PowerPoint, 40 mins.)
Martha Buffum, RN, DNSc

Steroid Psychosis (PowerPoint, 40 mins.)
Susan Dunn, RNP

Enhancing Clinical Evaluation and communication
with Chinese-American Elders (video, 40 mins.)

Gary Hartz, Ph.D.

Caring for Older Veterans at Home:
The VA's Home Based Primary Care Program
(PowerPoint 30 mins.)
Bonnie Anderson, RNP

Determination of Bacterial Burden in Wounds
in the Long-Term Care Setting (PowerPoint, 15 mins.)
Lisa Sharp-Altouney, RNP

Review of Common Dietary Supplements
Used by Older Adults (PowerPoint, 50 mins.)

Rohnda Post, Pharm.D.

Palliative Care (PowerPoint, 35 mins.)
Jon D. Fuller, M.D.

Recognizing Emotions in Dementia (PowerPoint 25 mins.)
Erica Krisztal, BA

VA Employee Education Service (EES)
Continuing Education Recorded via Satellite

Part 1 - Delirium: A Hidden Killer (video, 1 hr. 30 mins.)

Part 2 - Delirium Risk: Who's at Risk and How to Intervene (video, 1 hr. 30 mins.)

Department of Veterans Affairs, Employee Education System
Original perspective on Geropsychiatry

Grandma's Robot: Fact or Fantasy?

James Hawkins, M.D.
From the jointly sponsored Stanford Geriatric Education Center, VISN 21 MIRECC, and GRECC conference

Practical Geriatrics: Challenges and Rewards

Keynote Address: Practicing at the Crossroads of Geriatrics and Primary Care
Partricia Blanchette, M.D., M.P.H.

Common Mental Health Problems of Older Adults: Current Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia and Depression in the United States
Jerome Yesavage, M.D.

Assessing the Cognitively Impaired Geriatric Patient in a Time-Dependent Practice
Rita Hargrave, M.D.

End-of-Life Decision Making: Patients are from Venus, Physicians are from Jupiter
Terry E. Hill, M.D.

Alzheimer, Dementia, and Late-Life Depression
Patricia Blanchette, M.D., M.P.H.

From the jointly sponsored VISN 21 MIRECC, GRECC, Stanford Geriatric Education Center, Alzheimer's Association of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, and Family Caregiver Alliance conference

Updates on Dementia Part II:
Translating Research Into Practice

New Developments in Vaccines for Dementia
Lennart Mucke, M.D.

Genetic Testing and Alzheimer's Disease: Legal Issues
Henry Greely, J.D.

Behavioral Approaches to Managing Problem Behaviors
Jane Fisher, Ph.D.

African-American Caregiving
Rita Hargrave, M.D.

Eldercare Resources on the Internet
Kathleen Kelly, MPA

Reporting Responsibilities and Protective Measures
James Evans, LCSW

Alzheimer's Disease Education Recorded via Satellite:
A Four Part Series from the Minneapolis GRECC

Part 1-- A Satellite Symposium for Caregivers of Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Part 2-- Challenges to Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

Part 3-- Pharmocological Approaches to Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer's Disease

Part 4-- Non-Pharmacological Intervention Strategies for Alzheimer's Disease

From the Healthy Aging Series at VISN 21
(A series for family caregivers)

Stress Management
Joyce Snyder, CNS

Depression and Aging
Jon Rose, Ph.D.

Understanding and Reducing Memory Loss
Martha Chiu, Ph.D.

Skin: Its Protection and Care in Older Adults
David Fiorentino, M.D., Ph.D.

A Transdisciplinary Psychosocial Approach to Alzheimer's Dementia Care
(for nursing home care staff)

Keith Savell, Ph.D., CTRS
Geriatric Health Consultants

Part 1 (video, 50 mins.)

Part 2 (video, 57 mins.)

Part 3 (video, 58 mins.)

VISN 22 Special video teleconference in
Management of Psychosis and Agitation Associated with Dementia


Andrius Baskys, MD, PhD
Clinical Management of Schizophrenia in Late Life: Pharmacologic and Psychosocial Interventions


Dilip Jeste, MD
Clinical Features of Late Life Psychosis


Laurie Lindamer, PhD
Special Series on Using the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS)
(VA Password Entry Only due to Patient Confidentiality Issues)

Password Entry Page

Barry Reisberg, M.D.
Affective Disorders
From VISN 21 Palo Alto VAMC Geriatric Depression Scale "Official Page" with 30+ translations
Geriatric Depression Scale Web Page
Jerome Yesavage, M.D.
Methodology and Biostatistics
selected by Helelna Kraemer - VISN 21
Good versus Bad Research (slides)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Exploratory versus Confirmatory Research (slides)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Placebo Controls (slides and voice)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Quality of Measurement (slides and voice)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Risk Factors (slides and voice)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Mathematical Simulation and Modeling (slides and voice)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Significance Testing (slides and voice)
Helena Kraemer, Ph.D.
Signal Detection Methods and Prediction of Treatment Response (slides and voice)

The accompaning beta version of the software program is available as a file including documentation.

Jerome Yesavage, M.D., Ruth O'Hara and Jared Tinklenberg, and others of VISN 21.

The accompaning Excel spreadsheet for our paper "Modeling the Prevalence and Incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)" is available as a

This is also available as a PowerPoint presentation
MCI Presentation (slides)

Art Noda, M.A.
Art Noda, M.A.

A comprehensive guide to research opportunities is now available for VA Mental Health professionals and Research Fellows nationwide. Research Opportunities.

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