Late policy

Written by Julie Zelenski

Hofstadter's Law: "It always takes longer than you think, even when you take Hofstadter's Law into account."

Late policy: just the facts

  1. Each assignment writeup will indicate the deadline for on-time submission. The date and time of the deadline are firm. Submitting even a minute past is considered late.
  2. Submitting by the deadline earns the on-time bonus, typically a ~5% perk. The assignment writeup will specify the bonus if available.
  3. If you miss the deadline, there may be a grace period for late submissions. The assignment writeup will specify if there is a grace period and how long. You can make a late submission after the deadline and up to the end of the grace period. These late submissions are not penalized, but do not earn the on-time bonus. The grace period is typically 48 hours past the deadline, but may be abbreviated, or even none, on a per-assignment basis.
  4. Submissions are not accepted beyond the grace period. The grace period is strictly enforced.

Late philosophy

The philosophy driving our late policy has three goals:

Frequently asked questions about the late policy

Do I need to make special arrangements for a late submission?

No, just submit normally. The timestamp on your submission determines the assignment's lateness.

I'm having a scheduling crisis. What are my options for accommodation?

If using the grace period is penalty-free, why wouldn't I just treat the end of the grace period as the "real" deadline?

Well, some assignments have an abbreviated or no grace period, so best not to depend on it being available. Although you could make a late submissions for every assignment with a grace period, we don't recommend it. We're setting the deadlines for reasonable completion and reward you for keeping pace with the schedule. If you are aiming for the deadline and something unexpected comes up, you still have the grace period. If you're running up against the expiry of the grace period and get waylaid, you are left with no recourse but to make an incomplete submission. Don't let this happen to you!