CS109, Probability for Computer Scientists, Spring 2021

Office Hours

We have two kinds of office hours: "hybrid" and "group".

Hybrid: Unless otherwise specified in the calendar, office hours are Hybrid. When you join the Zoom call, you will be in the "lobby" area where people can talk about problems in general terms, but the instructor will call people from the queue to take them into a breakout room if they need individual help; here, students can share their screen for debugging code or talking about the specifics of a question.

  1. Join the queue on QueueStatus. Ensure that the instructor has opened the queue (from the "Manage" tab in the instructor-view)
  2. Join the Zoom meeting link for the corresponding instructor. You are encouraged to join the call even before it is your turn in the queue, and you may collaborate with others in the "lobby" while you wait for your turn.

Group: All the students will be in the same room on the Zoom call, and everyone will talk about the same problems collaboratively. The problems that get chosen are based on the collective will of the group. If necessary, students can split into smaller groups and continue to work collaboratively.