SPRING 2009 - Mozzi Etemadi, Jack Rose, Dr. Eric Kool


Number of students - 10-20

Target group

  • Undergraduates in the biological chemistry track of the Stanford Chemistry Department.

  • Undergraduates considering careers in biochemical and interdisciplinary research.

  • Structure

  • Three labs over a ten week quarter (~3 weeks/lab).

  • Two 4-hour lab sessions supplemented with a short lecture/discussion each week.
  • This class was established by Prof. Richard Zare through the Stanford University Department of Chemistry, and was made possible in part by funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


    The three labs were designed by Drs. David Altman and Dafna Elrad, and Profs. Richard Zare and Eric Kool with the goal of exposing students to various facets of modern experimental biochemistry. Each lab is scheduled for three weeks. Click on the pictures below to learn about the different labs. Please e-mail us with comments/suggestions/etc. These labs are still evolving, and we would appreciate any input.

    1. Characterization of mushroom tyrosinase activity

    2. Detection of fluorescence from single molecules

    3. Alteration of the spectral properties of ZsYellow


    A lab manual was provided to the students, which included important background information, protocols, and recipes.

    Maintaining a lab notebook

    Characterization of mushroom tyrosinase activity

    Detection of fluorescence from single molecules

    Alteration of the spectral properties of ZsYellow




    The syllabus includes a calendar of the class lectures. (pdf document)


    Seven lectures, each 15-30 minutes, were distributed throughout the quarter. Each was accompanied by a computer slide presentation. The lectures were not meant to supplement specific lab protocols that were being utilized at the time of the lecture. Instead, they dealt with general topics that were relevant to the class as a whole. The lectures are posted here.

    Lab Safety / Using a Pipetman

    This document contains a list of general rules for lab safety. Also included is a two page instructional on how to properly use a pipetman. (pdf document)

    Equations Sheet

    This sheet of equations was provided for the students during the final exam (pdf document).

    Sign 1

    Sign 2

    These signs were posted in the lab in an attempt to remind the students to take care of the lab equipment (pdf document).

    The class of Spring 2007

    The class of Spring 2008

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