The computer slide presentation for each lecture has been made into a pdf document and posted below. Because some of the presentations, which were made in PowerPoint or Keynote, used animated transitions, some slides are altered from their original form and may be difficult to read.

Dr. Elrad

Introduction to the class.

This lecture includes a brief introduction to each lab.

Dr. Elrad

The tyrosinase protein families.

This lecture discusses how to identify members of a protein family, using the tyrosinase protein family as a case study.

Dr. Kool

Chemistry of the ZsYellow fluorophore.

Topics discussed in this lecture:
(a) What makes a molecule fluorescent.
(b) The mechanism for formation of the ZsYellow chromophore.

Dr. Zare

Collecting and interpreting fluorescence spectra.

Topics discussed in this lecture:
(a) The photochemistry behind fluorescence.
(b) The instrumentation of a spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer.
(c) How to interpret fluorescence spectra.

Dr. Altman

Diffusion of proteins.

Topics discussed in this lecture:
(a) Low Reynolds number motion.
(b) Brownian motion.

Dr. Altman

Statistics of single molecule data.

This lecture discussed how to analyze fluorescence data to convince yourself that fluorescent events are the result of individual molecules, and not fluorescence from multiple fluorophores arriving coincidently at the detector.

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