CS106M More! for CS106B Students

Fall Quarter 2020


Week 10, Wrap
1 week and 6 days ago by Julie
  • Thanks for a great quarter all; I hope you enjoyed our Thursday adventures as much as I did! Looking forward to our paths crossing again in future: CS107E? Section leading? Advising? All of the above?
Week 9, Fast Fourier Transform
3 weeks and 6 days ago by Julie
  • Our meeting will start at 2pm Thursday Nov 12th , the early start means I can squeeze in an hour with y'all before the senate meeting. I appreciate your flexibility and thanks to Michael for leading in my absence.
  • By popular request, we will tackle the venerable Fast Fourier Transform. Please invest some time into suggested pre-meeting resources page to so that you arrive on Thursday with basic gist of Fourier transform and we can start from there to optimize.
Week 8, Data Compression
1 month and 5 days ago by Julie
  • Be sure to have watched Wednesday's CS106B lecture on Huffman coding. We'll start from there to explore additional algorithms for data compression. See resources posted to Meetings page.
  • Someone please remind me to discuss scheduling for Week 9. On Nov 12th is next meeting of C-USP and would like to reschedule around my conflict if possible.
Week 7, Simulation and Visualization
1 month and 5 days ago by Julie

The magic (and puzzlement) of randomness as way to seek truth. See Meetings page for resources.

Week 6, Sorting
1 month and 1 week ago by Julie

What does it take to be the King of Sorts? Let's find out! See Meetings page for resources.

Week 5, Super-charged recursion
1 month and 3 weeks ago by Julie

I've got a conflict with Thursday 10/15, come discuss options on Ed https://us.edstem.org/courses/2737/discussion/147780 options to resolve. Thank you for your willingness to be flexible on meeting time! We're on for an early start this Thursday, meeting 2pm - 3:20pm. See Meetings page for background readings on techniques and alternatives to tame the expense of recursion.

Week 4, Fractals
1 month and 4 weeks ago by Julie

Beautiful fractals and beautiful math coming up this Thursday. See Meetings page for videos/readings. See you Thursday!

Week 3, Great ideas in search engines
2 months and 6 days ago by Julie

Hey yall, Check the Meetings page for links to background readings on Search engines & Page Rank. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

Week 2, Binary search
2 months and 1 week ago by Julie

Thanks for coming today and trying out our tools for collaborative work. It was fun! Check out Meetings page for follow up material I posted for binary seearch.

Fall Quarter 2020, Week 1
2 months and 2 weeks ago by Julie
  • What is CS106M? M is for More: More code, more fun, more learning! Read more about our plans.
  • Join our Ed forum at https://us.edstem.org/join/ap4PnU
  • Zoom link for Thursday meeting posted on the Zoom page (restricted to enrolled students).
  • We will use our first week's meeting as an informal meet-and-greet and brainstorm our plans for the seminar.