CS106M More! for CS106B Students

Fall Quarter 2023, Meets in Lathrop 299, Thursdays 3 - 4:20 pm


Fall Quarter 2023
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Week 10: Lexicon

Week 9: Compression

Week 8: Skip lists

Week 7: Simulation

Week 6: Sorting

Week 5: Recursion, supercharged

Week 4: Fractals

Week 3: Page rank

Week 1: Meet & greet

  • What is CS106M? M is for More: More code, more fun, more learning! Read more about our plans.
  • Come to our Ed forum and join the conversation.
  • We will use our first week's meeting as an informal meet-and-greet and brainstorm our plans for the seminar. Review the list of potential topics.
  • Enrolling for credit requires that you attend all meetings. Auditing welcome if you need attendance flexibility!