Office Hours

Staff information

These are the usual staff members who will be at each session, along with their areas of expertise (which may be useful for finding project advice).
Abbreviations: QA = question answering, DL = deep learning, LM = language modeling, RL = reinforcement learning.

Day Staff
Mon Chris Manning
Most areas of NLP. Less good on GANs and RL.
Mon Chris Waites
DL, Generative Modeling, Privacy, QA/Default Final Project
Rui Wang
RL, DL, Robotics
Akshay Smit
Biomedical applications of deep learning
Angelica Sun
LM, Meta Learning, Model Compression, QA/Default Final Project
John Hewitt
LM, Representation Learning, NLP theory, analysis of neural networks
Tue Gita Krishna
DL, QA/Default Final Project
Megan Leszczynski
Named entity disambiguation, systems for machine learning
Mandy Lu
QA/Default Final Project
Yuyan Wang
Natural language generation
Wed Lauren Zhu
DL, Machine Translation, QA/Default Final Project
Anna Yang
Medical Chatbots, HCI
Alvin Hou
Transfer Learning, QA/Default Final Project
Andrew Wang
Graph machine learning, NLP for computational social science
Thu Rachel Gardner
Vision + Language, BERT, noisy user text, Robotics
Shikhar Murty
Fast Adaptation, Compositionality, Commonsense
Davide Giovanardi
LM, Transfer Learning, Meta Learning
Zihan Wang
DL, Robotics, Meta Learning
Prerna Khullar
NLU, Emotion Recognition, QA/Default Final Project
Sat Elissa Li
DL for pragmatics/pragmatic inference
Rui Yan
Transfer Learning, Representation Learning
Daniel Do
Transformers, DL, QA/Default Final Project
Dilara Soylu
Lingjue Xie
DL, Search Engine, QA/Default Final Project