Course Description

Introduction to spoken language technology with an emphasis on dialogue and conversational systems. Automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis, dialogue management, and applications to digital assistants, search, and spoken language understanding systems. Covers state-of-the-art approaches based on deep learning as well as traditional methods. Through lectures, programming assignments, and a course project students will learn the concepts and application details to build modern systems for spoken language processing.

Please join us for the course final project poster session on Wednesday, June 7. Poster session details

Course Instructor

Class Time and Location

Spring quarter (April - June, 2017)
Lecture: Monday, Wednesday 4:30-5:50pm
Location: Hewlett Teaching Center (04-510) Room 201

Grading Policy

See the Grading Page for more details on grading.

Assignment Details

Assignment release dates, due dates, and handouts will be posted on the Syllabus Page.

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Can I take this course on credit/no credit basis?
Yes. Credit will be given to those who would have otherwise earned a C- or above.
Can I audit or sit in?
In general we are very open to sitting-in guests if you are a member of the Stanford community (registered student, staff, and/or faculty). Out of courtesy, we would appreciate that you first email us or talk to the instructor after the first class you attend.
Can I work in groups for the Final Project?
Final projects should be done in groups of three people unless special permission is granted by the teaching staff.
I have a question about the class. What is the best way to reach the course staff?
Stanford students please use an internal class forum on Piazza so that other students may benefit from your questions and our answers. If you have a personal matter, email us at the class mailing list