CS231M · Mobile Computer Vision

Spring 2014


Project Title Proposal Team
Improving feature tracking using motion sensors PDF Jean-Baptiste Boin
Billiards augmentation using computer vision PDF Apaar Sadhwani
Jason Su
Accurate background replacement on mobile devices PDF Qifeng Chen
Tsung­Chuan Chen
Xiong Jing
Traffic Sign Detection Mobile App PDF Subhasis Das
Milad Mohammadi
Building a landmark recognition system without server-side processing PDF Anirban Chatterjee
Object Measurements via reference PDF William Castillo
Mobile HDR Capture and Exposure Fusion PDF Jason Chaves
Virtual reality camera on Google Glass PDF Toan Tran
Artem Vasiliev
Vivardhan Kanoria
Low resolution scene representation for retinal prostheses PDF Pallabi Ghosh
Ayesha Khwaja
John Doherty
Image­-based tracking and localization on a mobile device PDF Yang Li
David Molin
Pill-Identification PDF Rose Perrone
Kevin Nam Truong
Automatic Picture Facial Hair Augmentation PDF Philip Lee
Increase accuracy in 3D reconstruction using VSLAM by integrating information from the cellphone IMU PDF Sebastian Echegaray