Data Mining
Winter 2010


There will be assignments of two kinds.

Gradiance Assignments

Some of the homework will be on the Gradiance system. You should go there to open your account, and enter the class token 78BC2889. If you have taken CS145 or CS245 within the past year, your account for that class should grant you free access for CS345. If not, you will have to purchase the access on-line. Note: If you have to purchase access, use either Garcia-Widom-Ullman, 2nd Edition or Ullman-Widom 3rd Edition (the books used for 145 and 245). Do not purchase access to the Tan-Steinbach-Kumar materials, even though the title is "Data Mining."

You can try the work as many times as you like, and we hope everyone will eventually get 100%. The secret is that each of the questions involves a "long-answer" problem, which you should work. The Gradiance system gives you random right and wrong answers each time you open it, and thus samples your knowledge of the full problem. While there are ways to game the system, we group several questions at a time, so it is hard to get 100% without actually working the problems. Also notice that you have to wait 10 minutes between openings, so brute-force random guessing will not work.

Solutions appear after the problem-set is due. However, you must submit at least once, so your most recent solution appears with the solutions embedded.

Challenge Problems:

These are more complex problems for which written solutions are requested. They will be "lightly graded," meaning that we shall accept any reasonable attempt, and those doing exceptionally well will get "extra credit," but there will not be exact numerical grades assigned.


Assignment1 (Challenge Problem 1) : Solutions : PAST DUE: was due on Feb 2, 11.59 pm

Challenge Problem 2 : Solutions : PAST DUE: was due on Feb 15, 11.59 pm

Challenge Problem 3 : DUE: On Mar 8, 11.59 pm