Final Presentation

Please join us this Tuesday evening, June 7th, in Y2E2 Room 111 at 7pm for the final presentations and demos. The students have spent the quarter studying Augmented Reality research, interaction techniques, and technologies while simultaneously proposing and developing original projects. We have seven teams presenting their final projects that support diverse opportunities based on their needfinding including musical and artistic self-expression, informed consumerism, stress relief, 3D modeling, and environmental conservation using Augmented Reality. Projects have been developed using a range of platforms that include projection AR, handheld AR, and glasses AR using the brand-new Microsoft Hololens platform.

If you missed the presentations, you can check out the projects here!


Mixed Reality (MR) combines physical and virtual worlds together in one unified user experience. With Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens releasing in 2016, MR represents the forefront of HCI innovation. In this course, students engage with a range of issues around design and development of MR systems and develop their own MR interactions. The course begins with use, analysis, and redesign of an existing MR system, followed by larger group projects integrating concepts from the course to prototype novel MR interactions. Students work in project teams, prototyping their concept and communicating their progress through demonstration, final report, and presentation.

Class Structure

Classes will consist of lectures or guest lectures, discussions, and project updates. Each class has at least one required reading that every student must read. We will also post additional relevant papers each week that are suggested reading, but not are required.


Class participation - 20%
Individual Assignment - 20%
Final Team Project - 60%


Monday, 6:00pm to 8:50pm
Littlefield 103

Course Staff

  • Sean White (Instructor)
    email: swhite at cs dot stanford dot edu
  • Will McGrath (TA)
    Office Hours: Friday 2pm in Gates 3rd Floor, B Wing Open Area
    email: wmcgrath at stanford dot edu

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