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Getting Into E145

Course signups should be available via Axess. Axess signup gives just one priority for getting into the class. Students must come to the first course session to be admitted to the course. The admission form for Autumn 2008 is located below. All students should fill it out and bring it with them to the first class.

If you have further inquiries regarding admission to the course, please direct them to the E145 staff at e145-staff@lists.stanford.edu. Please do not email the instructors directly.

The course is designed for undergradutes and co-terminal students with preference given to seniors and co-terms. Enrollment will be a maximum of 50 students per section. All majors are encouraged to enroll in the class.  The class is not open to other graduate students. Sorry, no auditors can be accommodated due to space limitations and the style of instruction.  There are no prerequisites for the class. However, courses in accounting and finance are highly recommended.


A listing of accepted students and a waiting list will be posted soon after the first class session. Notification will also be made via email. The class roster will be finalized during the 2nd class period. Please make sure to be on time.


Thank you for your interest in the course.


For questions, please contact Boris (borisl@stanford.edu) and Christina (cacioppo@stanford.edu).



Akash, Nemani   Beausoleil, Sean Edward
Daryanani, Kashmira Jayant
Badrinath krishna,Varun   Chang, Sally Yu-Chen
Lee, James Tseng
Cherukupalli Sridhar, Mihir   Cheng, Kelly Claudia
Chang, Gary
Chua, Shien En   Chin,Wen Qi
Ren, James Jing
Foo, Zhiwei Evan   Colbert, Lauren Beth
Kaplan, Ayse Naz
Koo, Yiguang Joshua   Cu, Catherine Anne
Malek, Alan John
Lee, Min Xuan   Dryden, John Cameron
Dormiani Tabatabaei, Seyed Vala
Leo, Hze Ming Amy   Haslam, Jameson Kent
Rumma, Rowza Tur
Leong, Eu Xing   Hazlehurst, Charles Reid
Sanders, Demetric Ray
Lim, Han Zhen Maurice   Johnston, Alison
Loh, Zixiang   Lam, Kenneth
Mehar Batcha, Ershad Ahamed   Low, Jianwei
Mohan, Manu   Luk, Esther
Pandey, Advait   Meyer, Andrew Lowell
Parsani, Vikram   Myung, Yesul
Set, Ying Ting   Nantz, John Anthony
Soh, Wee Kiat   Oliver, Javier Eduardo
Su, Shu   Olutade, Oluwafemi Babatunde
Swaminathan, Veerappan   Patterson, Lyniese R
Tai, Zhi Hui   Platt, Danielle
Tan, Kah Onn   Reichert, Lance Fornwalt
Tan, Yan Xi Audrey   Rosen, Miles Harris
Teh, Yuxuan Eugene   Spencer, Kelvin Adjei
Wong, Bi Ying   Srivastava, Savil
Xia, Fan   Suh, Edward Wonyoung
Xiao, Xin   Sunde, Jane Bardon
Yee, Ye Sheng   Torres, Gil Adrian Estenzo
West, Askia Tariq
Witt Jr, Peter Douglas
Woodbury, David Arejula
Yahya Valdovinos, Ali Hamid
Yean, Ricky Zong
Zeller, Jeffrey Andrew




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