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How much time do we have for our presentation?
You have 15 minutes for your presentation. Depending on time available the teaching team will also allow for a brief Q&A.

Do all of the members of the group have to participate in the presentation?
Yes. We would like all members to present a part of the OAP. If one member wants to handle any Q&A, that is fine.

How is the OAP presentation being graded?
There is equal emphasis on content and presentation effectiveness.

Our team really doesn't like our time slot. Can we change it?
You are free to swap time slots with another team. Please notify the e145 staff list if you choose to do so. This must be done by noon on the Sunday before your presentation.

When is our slide deck due?
It is due by noon on the Monday before your presentation. This applies to all teams regardless of whether your presentation is scheduled for Tuesday or Thursday. Please submit to the teaching team OAP leader a power point slide deck or a link to your Website.

What do we need to bring to class?
Please bring five copies of your slide deck on the day of your presentation. Feel free to put multiple slides on a page to conserve paper.

The schedule seems tight. Are we going to run over?
We are constrained by the class after us and cannot exceed our allotted time. In order to keep things moving efficiently the next team should be "on deck" during the last two minutes of the previous presentation.