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Session 3: September 29, 2008

The New Era of Lean Startups

Quote of the Day

"$500,000 is the new $5 Million." ~ Mike Maples, Jr.


The advent of open source software, broadband penetration, globalization, and online marketing and communications have changed the rules for building successful start-ups.  A new approach to company building, called the “lean start-up”, is designed from the ground-up to turn these new realities into competitive weapons.
We will explore the implications of the lean start-up approach across all aspects of company building, including strategy definition, product development, market development, and financing.  We will also offer explore the lean start-up model in a broader context and show how lean start-ups could change business practices in the information age in the same way that lean manufacturing impacted production-driven business practices in the manufacturing age.

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