Thanks for a great quarter!

Beyond Bits & Atoms 2018 wrapped up with a very exciting expo on March 15. After the course ended, many groups submitted their projects to the Interaction Design & Children (IDC 2018) conference. We are thrilled that 8 groups were accepted! They will present their work at the conference, June 19-22 in Trondheim, Norway.

About the course

Beyond Bits & Atoms teaches students to design, build, and critique constructionist educational technologies. BB&A consists of a theory-oriented class (Educ 236 / CS 402) and a practice-focused lab (Educ 211 / CS 402L); students are required to enroll in both. The theory class is focused on answering three questions:

Students explore constructivism, constructionism, and critical pedagogy, as well as embodied and situated cognition, the role of media and tools, representations and models in learning, and theories of technology design. These ideas are applied to case studies of schools and educational technologies, and to the design of a new educational technology.

In the lab, students are immersed in a constructionist learning environment where they reflect on their own learning processes as they learn to use technologies for prototyping and digital fabrication. Students use these tools to design and build a constructionist educational technology.

Read more about BB&A on Carta: [class | lab]