Principles of Radar Systems

Winter 2005-2006



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February 2nd 2006: HW#4 and Midterm

1) Graded HW2's were handed back today with solutions (solutions have been posted online and are also available in the drawer).

2) HW4 has been posted online - but note that this is a practice assignment only. This may help you review concepts for the midterm, but it is not to be turned in. So, no homework is due next Thursday. We may use some of the hw4 problems in the next assignment (which I'll post after the midterm).

3) HW 3 solutions will be posted tomorrow evening to help you study for the midterm - note that this means late homeworks cannot be accepted after tomorrow. Send me an email if this is a problem for you.

4) Midterm instructions were handed out in class today. You can pick up the exam sometime between 830 and 9am from Prof. Zebker. You will have only 2 hours to complete the exam - all exams must be back by 11am at the latest. It is open-note/open-book, you will probably need a calculator.

- Lauren

January 24th 2006: HW#2 and Office Hours

Since I will not be able to hold office hours this week until Friday (2-3pm, Room 104 Packard), Homework 2 will be due next Monday instead of this Thursday.

- Lauren

January 10th 2006: The First Day of Class

Since the first homework has not been yet handed out, I will not be holding official office hours this week. Though I am available by appointment.

- Lauren