EE281 Project - Ioan Tudosa

Stanford University, Fall 2001

Depth Control in Water using PID

Initial Idea

The project idea developed gradually in my mind. First I read the chapter about PID control in Stuart Ball’s book “Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors”. Then I’ve always wanted to make something that controls a motor, and since I like water, a depth control device sprung up as a reasonable project. Later I came across this web site with submarine RC-models and I quickly decided on implementing my depth control project on a little submarine.


The main task is to control the depth of a floating object statically, i.e. the object doesn’t move through water to reach a depth hydro dynamically (like a plane). For this purpose, I try to adjust the floatability of the object by changing its volume. A PID control is used to have less overshoot when changing positions, and a RF remote control transmits the user setpoint. Also the user can fine tune the PID parameters without having to take the object out of water. As you see I have designed it as a prototype to the little submarine I want to build.

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Project Picture