Homework is assigned each week, and due the following Friday by 5pm. This year we'll use Gradescope. You can sign up for EE364A Gradescope by entry code M8EZNB.

You are welcome, even encouraged, to use LaTeX to typeset your homework, but handwritten homework is also OK. You're welcome (but not required) to use the LaTeX templates for EE364b.

All numbered exercises are from the textbook; exercises which start with ‘A’ are from the set of additional exercises posted on the textbook website. Data files for the additional exercises can be found on the textbook page. Access to solutions requires SUNetID (Stanford University Network ID) to log in.

  • Homework 1, due Friday 1/18/19:
    2.9, 2.12a-e, 2.15, 2.24, and A1.7.

  • Homework 2, due Friday 1/25/19:
    3.2, 3.15, 3.16a-d, 4.1, A2.2, A2.34, A2.36, A2.39, and A3.2.

  • Homework 3, due Friday 2/1/19:
    3.13, 3.24a-f, 3.36a,d, 3.49a-c, 4.8a-e, 4.15, A14.3a-b, and A17.9a-c.

  • Homework 4, due Friday 2/8/19:
    5.1, 5.5, 5.13, A3.28, A3.26, A4.1, and A10.2.

  • Homework 5, due Friday 2/15/19:
    5.17, 6.2 & A5.1, 6.9 & A5.2, A3.18, A3.20, A11.4, and A13.2.

  • Homework 6, due Friday 2/22/19:
    6.5, 8.16, A5.13, A6.1, A7.20a-d, A14.4, A14.16, A15.11, and A17.10.

  • Homework 7, due Friday 3/1/19:
    4.29, 8.8, A3.31, A8.5, A11.3, and A12.13.

  • Homework 8 (last one), due Friday 3/8/19:
    3.14a-b, A8.12, A9.5, A12.9, and A14.14.