Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2007-2008

Jun 4, 2008Chuck Moore
The Role of Accelerated Computing in the Multi-Core Era
May 28, 2008Panel Discussion
The Search for Jim Gray

A Tribute to Honor Jim Gray is planned for May 31, 2008 at UC Berkeley. Jim Gray, a renowned computer scientist, has been missing at sea since January 28th, 2007.
May 21, 2008Charles Tahan
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Spookytechnology and Society: The progress and implications of quantum information science and technology
May 14, 2008Jerry Dien
Asus Computer
The Next Big Things--The Challenge of Small Form Factor: The ASUS Eee PC
May 7, 2008Steve Yegge
Dynamic Languages Strike Back: Addressing the tools and performance issues head-on
Apr 30, 2008Adam L. Beberg
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Distributed Systems: Computation With a Million Friends (and a Few Foes)
Apr 23, 2008Werner Vogels
A Head in the Cloud: The Power of Infrastructure as a Service
Apr 16, 2008Jonathan Bachrach
Spatial Computing in Proto
Apr 9, 2008Randy Breen
Demonstration of Brain Computer Interface using the Emotiv Epoc
Apr 2, 2008Janak H. Patel
HP Laboratories and Stanford University (visiting)
on Sabbatical Leave from the University of Illinois
CMOS Process Variations:
A "Critical Operation Point" hypothesis
Mar 12, 2008Charles Reis
University of Washington
Building a Safer Web: Web Tripwires and A New Browser Architecture
Mar 5, 2008David G. Stork
Chief Scientist, Richoh Innovations
Visiting Stanford CS Spring 2008
When computers look at art: Computer vision and image analysis in humanistic studies of the visual arts
No video will be available for this lecture due to copyright issues. Students who did not attend the Colloquium live should view the lecture by Steve Mann taken from our archives and listed below.
Feb 27, 2008John Nickolls
Scalable parallel programming with CUDA on manycore GPUs.
Feb 20, 2008Nick Tredennick
Gilder Publishing
Computing in Transistion
Feb 13, 2008Johnny Chung Lee
CS Department, Carnegie Mellon University
Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote
Feb 6, 2008Charles Simonyi
Intentional Software Corporation
Program representation using a domain workbench
Jan 30, 2008Zhenan Bao
Chemical Engineering, Stanford
Organic Thin Film Flexible Electronics
Jan 23, 2008Jim Tørresen
University of Oslo, Norway
Adapting Systems by Evolving Hardware
Jan 16, 2008Dan Ingalls
SUN Microsystems
The Lively Kernel: A Self-Supporting System on a Web Page
Jan 9, 2008Vint Cerf
Tracking The Internet into the 21-st Century
Dec 5, 2007Rob Semper
San Francisco The Exploratorium
Science communication, science literacy and public support: new models in place of old thoughts
Nov 28, 2007Richard Miner
Android: Building a Mobile Platform to Change the Industry
Nov 14, 2007Robert M. Lefkowitz
On the Road to Computer Literacy
Nov 7, 2007Renee James and Wei Li
Intel Corporation
Parallel Programming 2.0
Oct 31, 2007Randy Allen
Catalytic Inc
The Challenges of Implementing Matlab(R)
Oct 24, 2007Steve Omohundro
Self-Aware Systems
Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Computation
Oct 17, 2007Matthias Kaiser
SAP Research
From monoliths to molecules
and how they can "put Humpty dumpty together again"
Oct 10, 2007Dirk Riehle
SAP Research
Open Source Research
Analytics, Economics, and Best Practices
Oct 3, 2007Bill Thies
Programmable Microfluidics
Sep 26, 2007Matthew Papakipos
The PeakStream Platform for Many-Core Computing
Jun 5, 2002Steve Mann
University of Toronto
Intelligent Image Processing
Eyeglass-based computer vision systems based on the EyeTap principle
Students who did not view the David Stork lecture live should view this replacement lecture.