Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Fall 2003-2004

Welcome to the Stanford COMPUTER SYSTEMS LABORATORY COLLOQUIUM home page. The Colloquium presents a series of ten lectures each academic quarter. The content is free ranging, covering wide range of topics related to computer systems. Everyone, enrolled or not, is welcome to attend. The Colloquium may be taken as a class (1 unit, S/NC). Enrolled students must write a short paragraph commentary on each lecture and complete a class evaluation form. (Details) Even though the class is taped, televised, and available on the web, students are requested to attend lectures in person because its a better experience for everyone. Speakers need a live audience; remote attendees miss out as they have no opportunity to interact with speakers. Occasionally speakers choose to present material that cannot broadcast or webcast, usually because of copyright restrictions. In that case, portions of the video lecture may be elided or the entire video lecture replaced with a lecture from our archives.
Past Colloquia can be viewed by clicking here or using the link on the left index bar.

Sep 24, 2003John Nagle
Team Overbot
200 miles across the desert. 10 hours. No driver.
Oct 1, 2003Paul Vixie
Internet Software Consortium
dns typosquatting: method, effects, counteraction
Oct 8, 2003David Dill
Stanford University
The Voting Machine War
The Battle for Accountability in Election Systems
Oct 15, 2003Dr. Arthur Pyster
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Information Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Federal Aviation Administration
A New Look at Cyber Defense
Blending Insight from Computer Science, Health Science, and Operations Research
Oct 22, 2003Andy Rappaport
August Capital
Wireless Communication in a Post-Spectral World
Oct 29, 2003Guido van Rossum
Elemental Security and
  What's New in Python
Not your usual list of new features
Nov 5, 2003Joseph S. ("Joe") Anastasi
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Computer Forensics
Corporate Fraud and The Discovery of Electronic Evidence
Nov 12, 2003Marc Steigler
Hewlett Packard
The Skynet Virus
Why it is Unstoppable, Hot to Stop It
Nov 19, 2003John Manferdelli
General Manager, Windows Trusted Platform Infrastructures
Microsoft Corporation
Improving the Security Structure through Code Identity
Nov 26, 2003
Thanksgiving Break -- No Class
Dec 3, 2003Mark Miller
HP Labs
Building a Virus-Safe Computing Platform
Don\'t Add Security, Remove Insecurity

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