Winter Quarter 2021

Perspectives in Assistive Technology


David L. Jaffe, MS
Online via Zoom
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:50pm PT

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Thursday, February 25th

photo of a faire

Virtual Assistive Technology Faire

Abstract: This 9th annual event provides an opportunity for students to get an up-close look at a variety of devices and learn about available programs from product vendors and service agencies. Please browse to the Call for Assistive Technology Faire Participants webpage if you would like to participate in this event as a vendor of assistive technology products or services.


  1. Introduction: Each vendor will be allotted just THREE MINUTES to briefly identify themselves and to provide an overview of their organization with the goal of creating interest to visit their Zoom breakout room following all overviews. The overviews will NOT include screen sharing or PowerPoint presentations.

  2. Breakout: Each vendor will have their own Zoom breakout room that students will visit during the remainder of the class session. Students will be joining and leaving much like a Trade Show. During this time, vendors may interact with students through conversation, PowerPoint slides, or videos. Students will be asked to visit all breakout rooms.

Confirmed 2021 Vendor Participants:

Smart White Cane drawing

Smart White Cane for the Blind
Intellisight - Brian Higgins
The Smart White Cane for the Blind is a sensor and smart vision enriched white cane for the blind and visually impaired. It incorporates a state of the art Lidar laser rangefinder, an ultrasonic sensor for object detection and avoidance, illumination for dimly lit areas, and an iPhone running Talking GPS and AIRA personal sighted assistance apps. The wheeled white cane provides contact with the surface and future guidance assistance.

photo of BeeLine Reader app on a smartphone

BeeLine Reader
BeeLine Reader, Inc - Nick Lum
BeeLine Reader is a software tool that improves reading ability by displaying text using a color gradient that wraps from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This gradient pulls the reader’s eyes through the text, making reading easier. This approach is especially helpful for readers with dyslexia, ADHD, and various vision impairments.

photo of tableware set

Eatwell Tableware Set
Sha Design - Sha Yao
Eatwell is an assistive tableware set designed for people to eat independently. Its universal, user-centric design can benefit those with cognitive (such as Alzheimer's and other dementia conditions), motor (Parkinson's disease and various scleroses), and physical impairments.

CCI logo

Canine Companions for Independence
CCI - JoAnn Golden with puppy-in-training Richard IV
Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and a lifetime of support to ensure quality partnerships, free of charge to the recipient.

Tokens for Wellness Game

Celebrate Wellness - A Therapy Game
Abigayil Tamara, MA, MSW
Celebrate Wellness is a therapy game for inpatient psychiatric units. It is a non-threatening, humorous way to engage patients who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. Each player picks a character and plays the game as if they were that character. The leader of the game (a therapist, social worker, nurse, or counselor) tailors the interventions built into the game to meet the needs of the individual patient. The game is not a competition. The value of playing the game is derived by the therapeutic interventions in a group experience.

SVLIC logo

Ability Tools Device Lending Library
Silicon Valley Independent Living Center - Joe Escalante
Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) is a cross-disability, intergenerational, and multicultural disability justice organization that creates fully inclusive communities that value the dignity, equality, freedom and worth of every human being. SVILC maintains a lending library of assistive technology so consumers may borrow a device free of charge and try it before buying it, use it to compare similar devices, or to use while a personal device is being repaired.

image of book cover

Mobility & Inclusion
Harout Z. Markarian, Author
"Life-changing events can be troubling for an individual who experiences an injury affecting their mobility. Adapting to a new lifestyle can be challenging, both physically and mentally. Instead of focusing on challenges and the limitations, focus on opportunities and possibilities. Whether you've recently experienced a life-changing injury or you're a person advocating for accessibility and inclusion, Mobility & Inclusion is for you. Themes include: becoming independent, learning about new empowering technology, promoting accessibility through Universal Design, and being yourself."

Natural Transitions leaf logo

Natural Transitions Consulting, LLC
Mary L. DuCharme, OTR ATP BSE - Founder
Natural Transitions Consulting, LLC provides expert training employing assistive technology techniques and teaching with purpose and passion for direct care, rehabilitation providers, durable medical equipment providers, NGO workers, and educational staff in various curricula for people with disabilities to improve their quality of life.

photo of Finder Watch

911Finder Cellular Watch for People with Alzheimer's
911 Tracker - Chuck Roedel
"The 911Finder provides peace of mind for the caregiver that the wearer is safe. The wearer and caregiver can call each other with the touch of a button. The caregiver's 911Finder App receives an alert if the wearer is outside a Safe Zone, falls, or removes the Finder. If the caregiver believes the wearer is having an emergency, they can tap the App. The App commands Finder to use our patented method to make a 3-way call between the caregiver and the 911-Operator located nearest the wearer. Finder provides real-time GPS to help First Responders get to the wearer quickly."

photo of

Rehab Robo
Assistive Technology Development - Todd Roberts, Owen Kent, Bianca Riello, and Tia Doherty
"Rehab Robo is a custom powered orthosis intended to increase accessibility of physical therapy and exercise for people with physical disabilities. Our novel, patient-specific interface increases comfort and reduces weight while our alignment verification system enables safe use in the at home setting. Rehab Robo is intended for use with people with neuromuscular diseases, SCI's, limb difference, or any other physical impairment that leads to long periods of low or no activity."

2020 Vendor Participants:

photo of a student being helped on a project by a mentor

Project Invent Club
East Palo Alto Academy - Aaron Ragsdale & James M. Wang
East Palo Alto Academy (EPAA) is collaborating with Project Invent and StreetCode Academy to explore engineering and design thinking for social good. Students will be demonstrating a new project they are developing to promote inclusion in makerspaces. Their work is specifically targeting students with an autism spectrum disorder. They will also present the second prototype of a proximity sensing sign, they made for their community partner, Abigayil Tamara, that beeps and lights up when an object comes within a certain distance of a wheelchair accessible van, discouraging drivers from parking too close and consequently blocking deployment of the ramp.

photo of Ogo Evolution 1 wheelchair

Omeo Technology - Ben Woodford
"With its intuitive hands-free control system for freedom, movement and independence, the Omeo pushes the boundaries in recreation and personal transportation. It is the ultimate multi-purpose mobility device with many features that appeal to all sectors of the community. The powerful two-wheeled self-balancing platform means you travel over uneven terrain, scale inclines, and navigate troughs, while always remaining level in your seat – giving access to places such as beaches, forests, tracks, and pathways that would be impossible for most other personal mobility devices."

photo of BikeAround

Camanio Care - Agneta Rosenberg
Camanio Care BikeAround is a memory-care therapy program which consists of a stationary bike paired with Google Street View, benefitting older adults with cognitive disabilities and those who just want to stay active. BikeAround is an aid for cognitive, physical, and mental activity for people experiencing dementia and brain injury. It’s used for rehabilitation, memory care, and reminiscence therapy.

Faire Material:

Slides - 491 Kb pdf file
Natural Transitions Consulting, LLC - 1.35 Mb pdf file

New Vendor Template:

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Product or Service
Vendor - Participants
Product description

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