Course Handouts

This page will host lecture notes, lab handouts/instructions, and other course materials.

Lab 1 Quiz 1 (intro to UNIX)
Lab 2 Quiz 2 (more UNIX and version control)
Lab 3 Quiz 3 (intro to Python)
Lab 4 Quiz 4 (Python data types)
Lab 5 Quiz 5 (Python debugging)
Lab 6 [no quiz 6] (Regular Expressions)
Lab 7 Quiz 7 (Numpy, Matplotlib)
Lab 8 [no quiz 8] (more Matplotlib)
Lab 9 [no quiz 9] (Object-Oriented Python)
Lab 10 [no quiz 10] (Functional Python)
Lab 11 [no quiz 11] (Mathematica)
Lab 12 [no quiz 12] (Other Languages)
Lab 13 [no quiz 13] (Introduction to C)
Lab 14 [no quiz 14] (Optimization)
Lab 15 [no quiz 15] (Cython)

Course Syllabus (updated)

These Getting Started manuals were created for last year’s class. The instructions are the same, but ignore anything about dates and class schedule!
Getting Started (Windows)
Getting Started (Mac)

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