Links and Resources


Online interpreter
Anaconda installation

SSH for windows

Putty (simpler)
MobaXTerm (allows for graphics forwarding)
MobaXTerm Installation Instructions

Cheat-sheets and reference cards

UNIX Command Cheat Sheet
Emacs Reference Card
Vim Reference Card
Mercurial Commands
Pdb Commands
Python Reference Card
Matlab/Python Reference


Python Standard Library
Python Built-in Functions
Scipy and Numpy
Python Class Operator Overloading

References and Tutorials

Software Carpentry
CS1U Lectures
CS107 resource page (excellent guides to UNIX and Mercurial)
Interactive vim tutorial
Flash-based Adventure game VIM tutorial!
A list of attributes you can overload

Interesting Links

Text Manipulation in UNIX (good examples!)
pyp command (aka Pyed Piper)
Open Sublime Text Editor from Terminal (Mac users)
Open Sublime Text Editor from Command Line (Windows users)

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