Archive 2013

Course Handouts

This page will host lecture notes, lab handouts/instructions, and other course materials.

Capstone Project Info

Package Reference, compiled from your package documentation submissions

Course Takeaways

Lab 1 (Intro to UNIX)
Lab 2 (UNIX continued)
Lab 3 (Intro to Python)
Lab 4 (Data Types)
Lab 5 (Debugging)
Lab 6 (Scientific Python)
Lab 7 (Matplotlib and Making Better Plots)
Lab 8 (Object-Oriented Programming)
Lab 9 (File I/O, Regular Expressions, and Pickling)
Lab 10 (Functional Programming)
Lab 11 (Errors, Documentation, and Readability)
Lab 12 (C Programming)
Lab 13 (SciPy.weave and C Optimization)
Lab 14 (Cython)
Lab 15 (Profiling)

Here’s a handout that will guide you through how splats work in Python:
Splats Handout

Course Syllabus

These instructions will help you set up SSH and X11 forwarding:
Getting Started (Windows)
Getting Started (Mac)



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