World Survey of Funding for Genomics Research

Table of major government and nonprofit genomics research funders, 1998-2000
(organizations that responded to the survey or whose funding figures are publicly accessible)
Data tables and charts
on government and nonprofit genomics research funding
, Excel files, December 2001

Facts and figures on health R&D, genomics, and DNA-based patents, PowerPoint slides, January 2002

Genomics firms master list [Warning! Between major updates, this file can be as large as 4Megabytes and slow to download without high-speed Internet connection.]
Firms listed by public v. private ownership and country of origin, June 2001

Established biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms (firms with genomics collaborations or known major genomics R&D investments) December 2001

How we did the survey

Data Sheets (Excel files): please see caveats and limitations in how we did the survey
Government and nonprofit genomic funders (spreadsheet that generated the table above)
R&D spending among publicly traded genomics firms, 1994-1999
Year 2000 R&D expenditures for publicly traded firms
Market Capitalization
of publicly traded genomics firms, 1994-2000
Market Capitalization figures for 2000 (totals included in charts of summary spreadsheet, above)
Firms by country of origin (June 2001)

Firms and organizations holding the most US patents in the DNA Patent Database (among those surveyed)
Slide of patent holders in DNA Patent Database through 1999
DNA Patent Database (source of the patent data we used)

Final report to the World Health Organization and Global Forum for Health Research, with data up to Sept 25, 2000; reprinted in Journal of BioLaw and Business, Special Supplement 2001: Global Genomics & Health Disparities: Emerging Issues for Nations and Populations, pp. 22-36.
HTML (without footnotes and references)
Word 97 (includes footnotes, references, and hyperlinks)
PDF (includes footnotes and references, but not hyperlinks)

Survey form (Excel spreadsheet) (as it was sent to those surveyed, June 1999)

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