Infertility Treatment: An Overview
Infertility treatment brings up ethical dilemmas that have yet to be addressed through policy.  Many of the issues raised have not been addressed by legislation because of the relatively recent rise of reproductive technology and the difficulty of regulating such sensitive and controversial issues.  Questions such as what to do with cryopreserved embryos or how many fetuses to implant during assisted reproduction procedures are spurred by the development of technologies created to assist humans in reproduction.  However, these developments are a prime example of a common theme in American health policy -- we as humans are creating technology at a rate that far surpasses our ability to develop rules that address the ethical dilemmas associated with them.  Our lack of policy in this area also affects accessiblity of the treatment.

This website addresses the bilogical aspects of assisted reproductive technology, the ethical dilemmas that arise through the implementation of treatment, and the policy or lack thereof that addresses these questions.  We hope to use this website as a means to inspire discussion and suggest where we go from here in terms of assisted reproduction in America.

Are We Infertile?

How do we Obtain Treatment? What are the Implications of This? What Additional Information Do We Need?