How Do I Get Tested for Female Infertility?

Basic Infertility Workup

In identifying the cause(s) of infertility, there are five basic steps, each of which consists of a number of tests:

The above-mentioned assessment is commonly used by reproductive endocrinologists, yet there is great variability in infertility
evaluation, as demonstrated by Glastein et al in a 1996 survey of U.S. board-certified reproductive endocrinologists.  The
majority of 397 practitioners who responded ordered a semen analysis (99.9% of providers), an assessment of ovulation
(98.0%), an HSG (96.0%), a laparoscopy (89.0%), and a post-coital test (79.0%).  There was less agreement on procedures
such as hormonal testing, hysteroscopy, and pelvic ultrasound.

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