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Students, Alumni, Visitors

Current Students

  • Ron Estrin (ICME) - iterative methods for linear systems and least squares, convex and general constrained optimization.

Current and Recent Visitors

  • (Oct-Dec 2014) Susana Rojas Labanda (Dept of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde, Denmark) - topology optimization
  • (Apr-Jun 2013) Evrim Acar (Spectroscopy and Chemometrics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) - Data fusion using coupled matrix and tensor factorizations
  • (Jan 2012 - Jan 2013) Roger Behling (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - nonlinear equations, nonlinear least squares
  • (May-July 2011) Andreas Schmidt (University of Heidelberg, Germany) - parameter estimation algorithms
  • (Spring 2008) Ronan Fleming (Postdoc, Palsson Systems Biology Lab, UC San Diego) - analysis of biochemical networks
  • (Winter 2007) Inga Schierle (University of Heidelberg, Germany) - parameter estimation algorithms
  • (2004-2008) Leo Tenenblat (Departamento de Ensino - IMPA, Brazil) - accelerating and warmstarting interior methods for linear programming via the Zoom procedure

SOL Postdoc Alumnus

SOL and ICME PhD Alumni