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Richard N. Zare: Curriculum Vitae
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Born:               Cleveland, Ohio, November 19, 1939
Married:          Susan Shively Zare
Children:          Bethany Jean; Bonnie Sue; Rachel Amdur

1961                B.A. (Chemistry and Physics), Harvard University
1961-1963       Postgraduate work, University of California at Berkeley
1964                Ph.D. (Chemical Physics), Harvard University, (NSF Predoctoral Fellow)
1964-1965       Postdoctoral Research Associate, Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA), University of Colorado
1965-1966       Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1966-1968       Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Colorado
1968-1969       Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astrophysics and Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado
1969-1977       Professor, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University
1975-1977       Higgins Professor of Natural Science, Columbia University
1977-               Professor, Department of Chemistry, Stanford University
1980-1985       Shell Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University
1982                Christensen Fellow, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University
1984-1986       Stanford University Fellow
1985-               Fellow Adjoint, Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado
1987-               Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor in Natural Science, Stanford University
1992-               Professor of Physics, Stanford University
2006-2010       Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, Stanford University

2017                Othmer Gold Medal, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2016                Johannes Marcus Marci Medal, Czech Spectroscopic Society, Prague, Czech Republic
2016                Honorary Doctorate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
2013                Honorary Doctorate, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
2012                International Science and Technology Cooperation Award of the People's Republic of China
2012                The World Academy of Sciences Lecture Medal
2012                The Torbern Bergman Medal, The Swedish Chemical Society, The Analytical Division
2011                Honorary Membership into the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (JSAC)
2011                Einstein Professorship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
2011                King Faisal International Prize in Science (shared with George M. Whitesides)
2010                R. B. Bernstein Award in Stereodynamics (shared with R.D. Levine)
2010                Honorary Fellow of the Chinese Chemical Society
2010                BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Basic Sciences category (shared with Michael E. Fisher)
2010                Priestley Medal, American Chemical Society
2010                Theodore William Richards Award, Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society
2009                Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM), U.S. Office of
                        Science and Technology Policy
2009                F. A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research, Texas A&M University, Department of Chemistry,
                        and Texas A&M Section, American Chemical Society
2008                George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education, American Chemical Society
2007                H. Julian Allen Award, in recognition of co-authorship of "UV Irradiation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in
                        Ices: Production of Alcohols, Quinones, and Ethers," Science 283, 1135-1138 (1999), NASA Ames
                        Research Center
2007                Dudley R. Herschbach Award for Excellence in Research in the field of Collision Dynamics, Dynamics of Molecular
                        Collisions Meeting, Santa Fe
2007                Honorary Doctorate, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Göteberg, Sweden
2006                Oesper Award, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society
2005                Chandler Medal, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, Pupin Medal "for service to the nation",
                        Columbia University School of Engineering
2005                Wolf Prize in Chemistry, Israel
2005                Nichols Medal, New York Section of the American Chemical Society
2004                James Flack Norris Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Teaching of Chemistry, Northeastern Section of the
                        American Chemical Society
2003                Laurance and Naomi Carpenter Hoagland Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, Stanford University
2003                Honorary Doctorate, Université P. Sabatier, Toulouse, France
2002                Distinguished Chemist Award, American Chemical Society Sierra Nevada Section
2002                Honorary Doctorate, Hunan University
2000-2001      California Separation Science Society (CaSSS) Scientific Achievement Award
2000                Madison Marshall Award, American Chemical Society, North Alabama
2001                Honorary Doctorate, D Univ, The University of York, York, UK
2001                Honorary Doctorate, State University of West Georgia
2001                Faraday Medal & Lectureship, Royal Society of Chemistry
2001                Charles Lathrop Parsons Award, American Chemical Society, "to recognize outstanding public service by a member
                        of the American Chemical Society"
2000                Nobel Laureate Signature Award for Graduate Education, American Chemical Society
2000                Arthur L. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science, American Physical Society
2000                Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
1999                The Welch Award in Chemistry
1999                Doctor of Science, honoris causa, Columbia University
1999                E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy
1998                Distinguished Service Award, National Science Board
1998                Centennial Medal, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University
1998                G. M. Kosalapoff Award, Auburn Section, American Chemical Society
1998                ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry
1997                Eastern Analytical Symposium Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Analytical Chemistry
1997                Allan V. Cox Medal for Faculty Excellence Fostering Undergraduate Research, Stanford University
1997                NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award
1997                Phi Beta Delta (Honorary Member)
1997                California Scientist of the Year
1996                The Bing Fellowship Award, "to recognize excellence in teaching and commitment to undergraduate education"
1995                ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Chemical Instrumentation
1993                Dannie-Heineman Preis, Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen
1993                Doctor of Science, Honorary Degree, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Switzerland
1993                The Pauling Award, Puget Sound, Oregon and Portland Sections of the American Chemical Society
1993                The Harvey Prize, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
1993                Doctor of Science, Honorary Degree, Northwestern University
1991                National Academy of Sciences Award in Chemical Sciences, for "pioneering laser-based techniques, deep insights,
                        and seminal contributions, which have influenced every facet of chemical reaction dynamics”
1991                Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry, American Chemical Society
1990                Willard Gibbs Medal, Chicago Section, American Chemical Society
1990                Doctor of Science, Honorary Degree, University of Arizona
1990                ISCO Award for Significant Contributions to Instrumentation for Biochemical Separations
1987                Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Stanford University
1986                Kirkwood Award Medal, Yale University, New Haven Section of the American Chemical Society
1986                Michelson-Morley Award, Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University
1985                Irving Langmuir Prize, American Physical Society, for "seminal innovations in developing many experimental and
                        theoretical processes"
1985                Harrison Howe Award, Rochester Section, American Chemical Society
1985                Remsen Award, Maryland Section, American Chemical Society
1984                Evans Award, The Ohio State University
1983                National Medal of Science, for "seminal contributions to molecular spectroscopy, photochemistry, and chemical
                        reaction dynamics, especially for his incisive theoretical methods and the development of the experimental technique
                        of laser-induced fluorescence"
1983                Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh Award
1981                Earle K. Plyler Prize, American Physical Society
1979                Michael Polanyi Medal, presented at the Faraday Discussions of the Chemistry Society, Birmingham, England
1974                Fresenius Award, given by Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Chemical Society to the most outstanding chemist
                        under age 35
1967-1969      Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship
1961                Phi Beta Kappa

2012                Member, Advisory Board, School of New Sciences, DGIST, Daegu, South Korea
2012                Honorary Professorship, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)
2012                Chair, COSEPUP (Committe on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy) of the National Academy of Sciences, The National
                        Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine
2011                Member, Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Wonderfest, Inc.
2010                Chair, International Evaluation Committee, National Science Foundation of China
2009                Fellow, TWAS, Academy of Sciences for the Developing World
2009                Fellow, American Chemical Society
2008                Honorary Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences
2008                Fellow, Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research
2008                Fellow, Association for Women in Science
2007                Honorary Fellow, Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI)
2007                Advisor, Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation
2006                President, Molecular Frontiers Foundation
2006                Senior Presidential Advisor, Hunan University
2006                Chair, Academic Advisory Committee, Biomedical Engineering Center, Hunan University
2006                Professor of Biomedical Engineering Center, Hunan University
2006-2008       Faculty Affiliate, Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research
2004                Member of the European Academy of Sciences
2004                Foreign Member, Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)
2004                Foreign Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
2004                Honorary Member, The World Jewish Academy of Sciences
2001                Honorary Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
1999-2001       Foreign Council Member, Institute for Molecular Science (Japan)
1999                Foreign Member, Royal Society (London)
1997-2000       Chairman, President’s National Medal of Science Selection Committee
1997                Fellow, California Council on Science and Technology
1995                Chairman of the Board of Directors, Annual Reviews Inc.
1995-1998       Council Member, National Academy of Sciences
1992-1995       Chair, Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications, National Research Council
1996-1998       Member, National Science Board, 1992-1998; Chairman, National Science Board
1992-1995       Vice-Chair of Board of Directors, Annual Reviews, Inc.
1991                Honorary Fellow, California Academy of Sciences
1991                Fellow, Optical Society of America
1991                Member, American Philosophical Society
1989-1992       Member, Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable of the National Academy of Sciences
1987                Chairman, Panel on Basic Science and Technology Centers, National Academy of Sciences
1985-1987       Member, Directed Energy Weapons study panel, American Physical Society (APS)
1985                Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1985-1986       Chairman, Division of Chemical Physics (DCP) American Physical Society (APS)  Vice-Chairman, 1984-1985
1983-1985       Member, Committee on Atomic and Molecular Science (CAMS), National Research Council
1982-1985       Editor, Chemical Physics Letters
1980-1982       Chairman, National Science Foundation Advisory Panel (Chemistry Division)
1976                Member, National Academy of Sciences
1976                Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1969                Fellow, The American Physical Society
1969                Non-Resident Fellow, Joint Institute of Laboratory Astrophysics Member, The Chemical Society (London)

Editorial Advisory Boards:
Chemistry World
Honorary Board member of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics (PCCP)
Analytical Sciences
Angewandte Chemie
Central European Journal of Chemistry
Chemical Physics
Chemical Physics Letters
Molecular Physics
Journal of Separation Sciences
Chinese Journal of Chromatography
Current Science

Previously on Board of Editors:
The Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
Cambridge University Press
Applied Physics
Accounts of Chemical Research
Analytical Chemistry
Chemical & Engineering News
The Journal of Chemical Physics
The Journal of Physical Chemistry
Optics Letters

Scientific Advisory Boards:
Pufendorf Institute, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
International Advisory Board of the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces (PCOSS), Xiamen, China
Hybrid Vigor Institute
Eksigent, Inc.
Pharmacyclics, Inc.
Prolinx, Inc.
Cepheid, Inc.
Advisory Council for Chemistry at Oxford
Electronic Nobel Museum/Young Scholars Program

Previously on Scientific Advisory Board:
Faraday Transactions
Miller Institute
Affymax, Inc.